Leadership Style Assessment

“Great leaders are not defined by the absence of weakness, but rather by the presence of clear strengths.” – John Zenger   First, complete the following brief self-assessment (should only take a couple of minutes). Be sure to record/save your results (personal characteristics, emotional intelligence, etc.). Leadership Style Test  (Links to an external site.)  http://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/newLDR_50.htm  (Links to an external site.) The self-assessment that you completed (above) hopefully helped you to understand some of your own personal leadership strengths, as well as areas for potential growth. Now, prepare a 1-2 page paper summarizing what you learned about yourself and your ability to effectively lead. What was most encouraging, surprising, etc.?  Sample Paper Format Requirements Document Type: MS Word Paper Size: 8.5 X 11″ Length: 1-2 pages Margins: 1″ Font: 10-12 pt Times New Roman or a similar font. Line Spacing: Double. No extra double space between paragraphs, please. In-text Citations & Reference List Style: APA Paper Structure: Introduction Body Conclusion References

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