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Library Paper The focus of the library paper is to apply psychological research to an issue in your life or in your community that you feel is being overlooked or neglected. As part of this paper, you will critically analyze psychology research using other perspective from the social sciences and/or from Navajo/Western culture to enhance the effectiveness of the approach for addressing the issue. The topic of the paper should come from the text. If the topic is covered within the text, then the topic should be a good topic for the paper. Determine the theme and keyword of the research and find journal articles that focus on the same topic. Sociological and Psychological journals can be accessed through the library.  Not all magazines are considered journals. Ask the librarian or your instructor whether the source journals are acceptable. Any paper with less than three pages or less than five references will not be accepted. An acceptable page consists of 20-23 lines using 12 font with 1 inch margins and typed. Line will be counted for optimum focus of paper writing format. The sources will be listed at the end using the APA style of annotating. Any quoted material must be placed in quotation marks to prevent plagiarism. Any quoted material must have the page number from the journal where it can be found. Any material that is not your own must be quoted or paraphrased and the source attributed to the author. Internet sources are rarely acceptable (i.e. Wikipedia, Twitter, Instagram, etc.). The library paper must be formatted using APA style (instructions for writing in APA style will be provided in class). The paper must include a title page, the body of the paper (statement of research question, summary of research articles, conclusion) and a list of a references (5 journal sources) used. The body of the paper must be 5 pages, (title and references pages do not count as pages) using five journal sources. If you choose to submit for revisions and feedback, this then would assist you in your submission of your final paper. If you choose to forgo the draft submission bear in mind that it will be interpreted as a final submission.  These assignments include: 1.      Topic of interest/Introduction- Define what you would like to research in regard to your topic of choice. Bear in mind you would want a topic that is relevant to your passion within psychology pertaining to human growth and development. a.       Identify the topic of choice, what ideas support your topic, what areas of understanding are you wanting to gain from the topic of choice. b.      Is there research behind your choice? Do a web search for your topic. 2.      Article summary/Review of Literature- What did you find within your research which can be weaved within your overall research paper. A summary outlook of what you have found important to you in regard to the topic you have chosen. More details regarding requirements for the research will be displayed within Blackboard. All assignments will be scored using a grading rubric that will be provided in the assignment instructions as well on this syllabus.   Psychology Library Paper Format: 1.                  Double spaced 2.                  1 inch for all margins. 3.                  12 point font – Times New Roman 4.                  Number the pages Title page: Will include:   1.                  Topic of the Paper 2.                  Name of the course 3.                  Student Name 4.                  Date Due Requirements: 1.                  Start the title page as page 1 2.                  Body of the paper (introduction) 3.                  Reference page is always a new page: 4.                  All margins 1″ Introduction: 1.                  In this section provide an overview of the topic area to be discussed. 2.                  Identify the topic. 3.                  Be specific. 4.                  Explain why this topic is important. 5.                  Provide an overview of the topic: purpose, scope, assumptions and limitation. Review of the literature: 6.                  This section describes the analysis of the literature relevant to the paper topic. 7.                  All of the reference content must first be presented in this section. 8.                  This section is actually an analysis of the literature used in the paper as it supports the topic being addressed. 1.                  What was done 2.                  How was it done: specific topic reference point, relationship of the article content to the paper. 3.                  Key points from the article relative to the use in the paper. 4.                  Any other relevant information that is used in the paper 5.                  It is important that you discuss both pros and cons of your topic Discussion: 1.                  Exploration of the topic supporting the importance and key elements from the literature. 2.                  Present and discuss, using literature support, minimally three key elements or perspectives on the topic 3.                  What are future implications for this topic as it relates to psychology? 4.                  Comments, recommendations, summarizing statements. 5.                  Provide evidence of critical thinking in the development of the topic. 6.                  Reference content consistent with APA style format.            Conclusion:   The conclusion is a recap of the analysis paper’s overall topic summarizing the key points and perspectives in the paper. This section is like an abstract at the end. Reference Page: 1.                  List, using APA style. 2.                  Minimally five references from a published scholarly journal. Text book can be utilized as a reference, but bear in mind that this should not be the only reference throughout your research paper.    References   1.                  A minimum of 5 references will be analyzed for this paper. 2.                  References will be from scholarly journals as can be found in the database PsycInfo  or CINHAL found in the library. Definition of  a “scholarly journal” —A scholarly journal for the purposes of the course are those journals that are research based, may be a publication of a professional association, may be popular magazines such as Nature and Scientific American and are authored. The majority of research articles are primary sources.

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