Journal Article Analysis

Journal Article Analysis Assignment Description Description Students will complete a journal article analysis upon selecting, reading, and critically analyzing one scholarly article. The article analysis is intended to encourage reflection application of the content as pertinent to our course material and discussion. Requirements The format of this paper is a traditional APA (7th edition), typed and double spaced, including a title page, introduction, body, conclusion and references. Proper citation of the selected article for analysis must be included. The paper should include appropriate headings and subheadings as outlined in requirements below. PDF files are not accepted as assignment submissions. APA format title page Body of Critique Summary of Article—A synthesis of the article. You should not give a blow-byblow of the article. This should be the “Reader’s Digest” version. Implications for Impact on Higher Education— Why was this published? What are the ramifications of this research to the field? How will this help us to help others? Etc… Conclusion (Personal Opinion)— What did you think about the article? Share your impressions from a professional standpoint. APA reference page 

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