Job Biblical Review

write 3 pages about what you have learned about suffering and evil from Job. (Be sure to incorporate references from Zacharias Chapter 1-2, and readings in Keller Chapters 9,10, 12, and 14.    These are the two textbooks.  Keller, T. (2013). Walking with God through pain and suffering.New York, NY: Penguin Group.                  And   Zacharias, R., & Vitale, V. (2014). Why suffering? Finding meaning and comfort when life doesn’t make sense. New York, NY: Faith Words.  Include the following: What does Job learn about God through his suffering and his encounter with God?  Does this encourage and/or challenge your own faith?  How?  Do you think the responses of Job’s friends were wrong or simply misguided in some way? Why?  How might this help you understand the meaning of your own suffering and how to respond to others who are suffering? Overall, what have you learned about suffering and evil from Job?  How might this affect the way you navigate suffering in the future?

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