[SOLUTION] Silvio Napoli at Schindler India (A)

Discussion: Silvio Napoli at Schindler India (A)The question’s I will upload in chat to be answered next Monday, and single space 1-2 page. at least 500-700 words minimum.1) Was Silvio was the right choice of Schindler’s India operations? Discuss in terms of pros and cons.2) What was Schindler’s India strategy and business model? Do you agree with it? Why, or why not?3) What should Silvio do about the order for the glass-walled elevators?4) Should Silvio change the strategy for Schindler India that he developed when he was in the company’s headquarters?Thx 

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[SOLUTION] Amazon in Emerging Markets

Read the Harvard Business School (HBS) case “Amazon in Emerging  Markets” (Case # W94C01-PDF-ENG).Consider the following questionsAssignment Questions:Q1) Did Amazon succeed in China? What did they learn there?Q 2) Did Amazon make sensible choices in their in its emerging market entry strategies? Consider location, entry mode, and timing.Q 3) Should Amazon enter additional emerging market immediately? If so, why and where? If not, why should it be focused be? More broadly, how sustainable is Amazon’s simultaneous pursuit of geographical, horizontal, and vertical expansion?Please respond to the questions in a post of 500–700 words

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[SOLUTION] Reduce the Likelihood of Failure

8. The ‘failure’ rate of international joint ventures (IJVs) is often reported as being very high. Critically discuss why are they still frequently used by companies to expand their international presence? Also touch on – What a company can do to reduce the likelihood of failure?  Use examples throughout. 

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