Informative Speech on Islamophobia

The InformativeSpeech Course Objectives: Students will differentiate between and deliver effective informative and persuasive presentations, and: a. locate, incorporate, and document key reference materials and modern information resources b. construct a preparation outline exemplifying the organizational structural techniques of an effective speech c. demonstrate ability to analyze audiences d. identify and use appropriate presentation technologies and software, modern visual aids and graphical information in presentations e. present the speech in an extemporaneous* mode f. manage stage fright 2. 1. Each student will research, outline, practice and present a 3-5 minute informative speech. The speech should entail a report of information concerning a relevant topic. Prior to the speech, each student will hand in a full-sentence outline with bibliography, 2-3 visual aids, and audience analysis. When assigned, post your informative speech topic on the discussion board. 3. When assigned, submit an outline and video recording of your Informative Speech. Your outline must be saved as a PDF file and submitted on time in the assignment Drop Box in the Module. No late outlines will be accepted. The outline must be a full-sentence outline with the following: (There is a sample outline in the book.) Topic GeneralPurpose Specific Purpose Thesis Statement Introduction Main Points. Make sure you have 2-4 main points. Conclusion Bibliography. You must cite at least three authoritative sources on the outline. Visual Aid. You must state what the visual aid is on the outline.

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