Amazon Company

Need 8 page Information Systems paper on Amazon company completed by 15 May 2021please see attached document for full paper requirements and details.

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The Foundation of Good Compliance

Read the Article: The Foundation of Good Compliance & Governance. Compliance Week, 11(131), 46-49.Write a summary analysis and discuss the element of risk and how Boeing sees the future in Compliance.Writing Requirements2-3 pages in length (excluding cover page, abstract, and reference list)APA 6th edition, Use the APA template located in the Student Resource Center to complete the assignment.Please use the Case Study Guide as a reference point for writing your case study.

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Networking Based Theory

IT and networking based theoryneeded 500-1000 words on IT and networking and CCNA knowledge

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Hardware and Software Components

Please respond to the following in a substantive post (3–4 paragraphs):Identify the major hardware and software components of your company’s information systems infrastructure.Describe the key design considerations of the infrastructure.Be sure to provide full citations and references

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Effective Health Information Systems

The Role Of Effective Health Information Systems On Patients Care In Hospitals

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Software Developers

Write a 2–3 page paper in which you:Examine five issues that the IT department is likely to face when it comes to supporting virtual teams.Describe five advantages and five disadvantages of using virtual teams for the organizations described in the scenario.Describe the challenges imposed by:IT/IS national standards and propose how they could be handled or resolved.Protocols and propose how they could be handled or resolved.Procedures on virtual teams and propose how they could be handled or resolved.Compare and contrast virtual teams and traditional teams with respect to communications, technology use, and team diversity.

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Community and Hybrid Clouds

Select from the following list four (4) topics and discuss. Use only 50-words per topic to discuss and present your answer. (4 topics x 50 = 200 words).1. Discuss how cloud computing has changed how companies budget for software solutions.2. Compare and contrast SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS, and provide an example of each.3. Define scalability and discuss how the cloud impacts it.4. List three advantages and three disadvantages of cloud computing.5. Define virtualization and discuss how the cloud impacts it.6. Describe three cloud-based solutions for individuals and three cloud-based solutions for businesses.7. Discuss how Web 2.0 has driven the growth of the web.8. Compare and contrast public, private, community, and hybrid clouds.Please make your posts substantive. A substantive post will do at least two of the following:· Ask an interesting, thoughtful question pertaining to the topic· Answer a question (in detail) posted by another student or the instructor· Provide extensive additional information on the topic· Explain, define, or analyze the topic in detail· Share an applicable personal experience· Provide an outside source (for example, an article from the UC Library) that applies to the topic, along with additional information about the topic or the source (please cite properly in APA)· Make an argument concerning the topic.Run you submission through grammar check before submitting.At least 2 (scholarly) journal source should be used for each post.Make your references in correct APA 7 format and cite each reference at least once, but as many times as you rely on it. Citations support each sentence relying on a reference, not an entire paragraph. Do not use direct quotes, rather rephrase the author’s words and continue to use in-text citations.

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An Engineering Company

Best Practices and How These Practices Affect the Respective Organization’s PerformanceAl Dali International is an engineering company which operates internationally and is located in Kuwait. This company makes use of technological advances that have helped it to succeed especially in the engineering field. Through advanced technologies, Al Dali International can develop the best materials to construct facilities and infrastructures. Al Dali company uses Hadoop and Teradata tools in gathering, storing, and processing massive amounts of information. These platforms will then influence the decision of the company on what to offer to the customers. With automation of almost every part of the workplace, there is increased efficiency and greater profitability. Business processes are more modernized thus cost-effective as people can operate 24/7, even for locations.Recommendation on How These Practices Can Be Applied in the OrganizationIt is recommended for Alghanim Industries Company to adopt the technologies that are needed for them to have some of their operations online so that they are able to compete fairly with other companies that have adopted the online platforms to sell their products online. The company can upgrade by adopting relevant technology such as using e-commerce and includes online selling and delivery of its products so there will be no need for the customers to engage with the seller face-to-face. The customers should be given an option of either buying their products directly from the brand outlets or purchase the products online. Through this way, the company can expand and sell its products in other parts of the world. They will also increase their sales and the amount of revenue they make every year would increase as well because they would attract more people, including those that can visit their shops and those that are entirely online because the online system will also be a marketing platform. The company has to completely integrate technology to improve its products and services. It has a great opportunity to incorporate additional computing technology features to increase R & D investments. Improving product features will help the company in boosting its business performance.

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Fast-Food Chain

SecurityScenarioA large fast-food chain unveiled a new touch screen register for its franchises. Each cashier was assigned a user ID and password combination to log in to the register. The system allowed the incorrect password to be entered four times before the register would lock and require a manager to unlock it with a key card. To prevent unauthorized access, the registers would lock after three minutes if the screen was not touched. When the register locked, only the cashier who was logged in prior to it locking could unlock it without a system restart.After a few days in operation, restaurant managers started complaining about the amount of time they were spending unlocking the registers. Some cashiers were forgetting their user ID and password, so other cashiers would log in for them. It also seemed that the button layout made it easy for the cashiers to key in the incorrect password. The managers also complained that cashiers would leave for a break or end their shift and forget to log out of the locked register. The managers would have to reboot the system, a three- to five-minute process in order for the next cashier to log in. Additionally, managers noticed that grease was building up on the touch screens, making them less responsive.

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Information Technology (IT) Governance

Each student is to select one component from each of the tools (R, Python, and SQL Query) with which they will prepare a 15-page minimum (excluding cover page, citations, and exhibit section) written case analysis. The student will use APA 6.0 or 7.0, but not both, and submit in a single Word document. The report must include a one-page executive summary, a table of contents, and a section for exhibits. The analysis is to provide an industry scenario in which the components will address one significant organizational issue. The report should suggest how to resolve the issue, based on the operational analytics concepts explored in this class. The student should prepare the report, in a professional manner, to present to Information Technology (IT) Governance with recommendations to address the issue.The preparation of this report will require considerable time. It is recommended that students complete as much individual research as possible. Additional information may be secured through journals, peer-reviewed articles, dissertations, etc.Each student will submit the written case analysis in the assignment area of Moodle, as a Word document, by Thursday of the final week.APA component is as follows: Paragraphs are to be double-spaced. The font is to be Times New Roman and font size is to be 12. Minimum of six scholarly references and use of proper APA citations.Your case analysis should include the following:· Identify the most important facts surrounding the organization issue.· Identify the key components of the organization issue.· Specify a minimum of three courses of action in an effort to correct the organizational issue.· Evaluate each course of action.· Recommend the best course of action.· Provide analytical data to support your recommendation with exhibits such as charts, graphs, and plots.· Executive summary· Conclusion

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