Information Management Question

Please number question (chapter to answer question is uploaded) 1.  Imagine you have been tasked to select a scoring system to rank each project in consideration in IT portfolio management. Review each ranking option and then select the one you believe is the most efficient for ranking each proposed project. Provide a rationale for your selection. Identify other considerations that would be of value in ranking a project, and explain why you believe they are valuable.   2. Agee or Disagree and why A. This topic is probably the most debated about advantages and disadvantages. There are a few reasons I think it’s logical is because it reduces, and control cost of operations and it can strengthen international relation. When a company reduces and control cost operation it increases their company profits. One of the ways is saving money on by not having to train employees. When countries trade with other countries it builds a strong international relationship. This can lead to those governments’ relationships strengthen.   Companies are starting to onshore back to the stated. The three reason for a company to pursue onshoring are (1) International politics, (2) shipping cost and (3) supply chain management. A good example is when the president got into office, he offered incentives to companies if they would bring back manufacturing businesses. The other part is that if they continued to offshore taxes would increase. This is a good reason to bring it back to the states, just look at the US and China war over tech.(john)   B. I believe from the reading that PLANVIEW is the best ranking option for CIOS when considering projects. PLANVIEW stores projects based off of the customers, information, estimated time line, costs, and more. My reasoning for this is the best way to ensure the project still stays organized and on track for project managers  Other considerations would be to reevaluate the portfolio periodically, my logical for this is a update project that is review periodically will always stay at the top of the priority list to ensure all sections are completed. Reviewing systems, and other reports even on a weekly basis can help CIOs, and other executives find bottlenecks and situate them before they become an issue

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