Importance of Breakfast Review

Please use these 2 sources: Summarize and analyze others’ arguments while also placing them in conversation with one another. This means that you WILL NOT be creating an argument about the topic of your articles. (Don’t tell me what you think about notetaking, breakfast, or healthcare.) Instead, you will be analyzing how the authors of the articles approach the topic from different angles, use various sources and information, and ultimately create their own argument of the subject.  Your essay should follow this format: 1) The introduction paragraph will introduce your two articles and their shared topic. At the end of the introduction paragraph, the thesis statement will provide a quick overview of their distinction from one another and your ultimate conclusion. 2) The next 2-3 body paragraphs will summarize and then analyze the first article’s argument. This means that you will restate the article’s main points in your own words, and then dissect the way the argument is put together, considering the types of things the author uses to support the argument. 3) Next, you will write 2-3 body paragraphs that summarize and analyze the second article in the same way. 4) Finally, your conclusion paragraph will address the two articles together and more explicitly highlight the differences between the two articles that enable them to present different perspectives on the same topic.

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