The TedTalk Connect

1.The video response assignment #1 pertains to the video from Thijs Homan that speaks to the inner side of organizational change. Using your own experiences from work and school, address the following questions:VIDEO LINK on Thijs Homan’s opening statement that “the more you try to manage change, the more it comes to a halt”.How does the TedTalk connect into the course material for the opening module of the course?Describe the portion of the video you found the most interesting and why you found it interesting.*** Your submission must be 400-500 words, clearly answering the questions provided. There is no reference requirement; however, your answers must be organized and full sentences.**2.The video response assignment #2 pertains to the video from Lisa Bodell. In the video, she discusses how simplication is the key to change. Answer the following questions:VIDEO LINK: on the question posed within the video about your work “what do you spend your day doing”?Comment on the “three simple ways” to make the space for innovation and change to happen.Describe the portion of the video you found the most interesting and why you found it interesting.***Your submission must be 400-500-words, clearly answering the questions provided. There is no reference requirement; however, your answers must be organized and full sentences.

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Legal Constraints

Analyze the legal constraints on pay systems and recommend that the government either repeals one law or adds one new law—of your design—that improves current pay systems or addresses gaps.Explain your rationale for legislative changes.Be creative, but make sure your recommendations are applicable.The Wages and the Fair Labor Standards Act website is a great source of information on such topics as minimum wage, child-labor, nonexempt and exempt employees, overtime, independent contractors, garnishment laws, equal pay, and others.

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The Nature of Communication

Learning Objectives:· Use Knapp’s model to describe the nature of communication in the various stages of a relationship· Identify the three stages of Knapp’s model: coming together, relational maintenance, and coming apart.· Reflect on how changes in these three stages of the relationship might have caused the relationship to unfold differently.PART ONE for this assignmentInstructions:1. Think of a romantic or close relationship that you had that unfolded through most of the developmental stages, ending in termination. As your text explains, no all relationship move through all of the stages in a linear, predictable order. However, you’ll likely find that your significant relationships will reflect most of the stages in some way .2. In the spaces below, describe a memorable event or conversation that illustrates how your relationship fulfilled that stage of Knapp’s modelofcommunication.Initiating:Experimenting:Intensifying:Integrating:Bonding:Differentiating:Circumscribing:Stagnating:Avoiding:Terminating:Reflect:3. Answer the reflectionquestions that follow. (This will be done in PART TWO for this assignment)PART TWO for this assignment1. Review your answers and identify key events that marked the three stages of Knapp’s model: coming together, relational maintenance, and coming apart. For example, what happened that led you to move from Differentiating and Circumscribing to Stagnating?2. Describe how changes in behavior and events in these three stages of the relationship might have caused the relationship to unfold differently.***Be as thorough as possible when completing this assignment. This assignment will need to be at least 7 pages and should follow the rules of APA. You are only required to use the textbook (Chapter 9) as a resource; however, you are free to include the use of reputable online sources.

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Commencement Speech

anyone good at writing commencement speech’s 750-1000 words (not including Title or References pages). In double-spaced APA format.speech should describe your journey and what you learned about your yourself as a leader. share your future plans. Consider the individuals who helped you achieve this goal. Who do you want to be?

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Development And Performance

Continuing from the Strategy, Planning, and Selection assignment, you were selected as the new HR director for the retail company and now have been in the position for approximately six months. Your approach to strategy, planning, and selection have been quite successful thus far, and now it is time to address the organization’s expectation for performance and development of employees since these components of HR strategy are critical in achieving business outcomes and success.

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Good Quality Work

Instructions: This week you are to write a research paper regarding an actual organization of your choice that is either contemplating using and/or has already implemented the use of a team-based approach to increase productivity and reduce costs. What training issues would the organization be likely to face? How could the organization address these issues utilizing accepted HRD practices? Be sure to conduct research into similar organizations (i.e., benchmark against similar organizations) to uncover the specific areas that might be relevant to your chosen organization and their training needs.Reminder: Please ask questions if necessary. Submission Instructions: IMPORTANT!! Submit your work as an MS WORD ATTACHMENT in either a .doc, .docx, or .rtf format. Please support your ideas, arguments, and opinions with independent research, include at least three (3) supporting references or sources (NOT Wikipedia, unknown, undated, or anonymous sources), format your work in proper APA format, include a cover page, abstract, and a minimum of 3 FULL pages of written content; double space all work, include a reference section, and cite all listed references properly in text in accordance with the 7th edition of the APA manual, chapters 6 & 7.

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A Health Care Manager

Assignment ContentIn this assignment, you’ll examine the role of a health care manager regarding ethical issues and decision-making. You’ll have the opportunity to practice your professional skills in conducting interviews and communication, in general. Being able to have professional conversations with all stakeholders in an organization, including managers at various levels, is an important skill to have as a health care manager.Research a health care facility (pharmacy, medical office, nursing home, hospital). Become familiar with the company, including the mission, vision, and goals of the company.Select a leadership position at the facility – for example, a supervisor, manager, director, vice president, compliance officer, or similar.Use the Health Care Leadership Interview Questionnaire to conduct an interview with the person you selected. To be safe, conduct the interview using COVID-19 guidelines and use electronics (computer or phone).Write a 700-word summary of your interview. Title your assignment “Health Care Manager Interview.” Note: Double-space the interview responses and use proper grammar and sentence structure.

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School Management System

The purpose of this assignment is to conduct an earned value analysis and develop a quality management plan. This content will become part of the final project management plan to be submitted in Topic 8.This assignment will require you to use Microsoft Project. In addition, read Microsoft Project 2010 Tutorial III, available in the Topic Materials prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the use of the Microsoft Project software.Quality management focuses on planning, developing, and managing a quality environment that allows the project to meet stakeholder needs or expectations. Human resource management focuses on creating and developing the project team and understanding and responding appropriately to the behavioral side of project management. Communication management entails communicating timely and accurate project information to project stakeholderUsing the case study selected for the previous assignments, review either the “Husky Air – Pilot Angels” or the “The Martial Arts Academy – School Management System” extended case study content at the end of Chapters 8 and 9 in the textbook. Using the guidelines presented in the textbook, create the following deliverables.Using Microsoft Project, complete “Deliverable: Earned Value Analysis” at the end of Chapter 8.Complete the quality management plan at the end of Chapter 9.

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Recruiting a Diverse Population

Use the Internet to research a company that you would like to work for, with a focus on its recruiting efforts.Make two recommendations for how the company you researched can improve its recruiting efforts.Provide two specific examples to support your recommendations.Don’t forget about recruiting a diverse population.

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Organization’s Talent Management

magine that the CEO of your company (past, present, or future) has asked you to explain the importance of adding more funding to the organization’s talent management program. You have two minutes to convince the CEO that your ideas will add value and to allow you to expound on your ideas in a more formal follow-up presentation.Briefly outline the key points of your strategy

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