Canadian Wildfire Prevention

Take a look at the wildfire attached! Please research this specific wildfire incident and focus on the topic ‘prevention’ regarding this fire. As well as discussing what type of specific hazard this is: Natural – meteorological, hydrological, geological, biological – Discuss how different types of natural hazards impact differently in time and space – Canadian approaches and practices – tools, regulations, policy, jurisdiction Technological, human interventions, actions, and errors – The nature of these and how Canada deals with them now – Use examples Intentional – terrorism, politically motivated attacks and invasions, civil wars, cyber attacks (recent examples in Canada) How were they dealt with at the community level? Any measures being put in place to provide social support Resource materials – include one scholarly article or a book in addition to other sources

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[SOLUTION] Leadership Styles of Kobe Bryant and Martin Luther King Jr.

Leadership HHP 5210Written AssignmentYou need to compare and contrast two leaders. If possible, get autobiographies of each. They can be coaches, CEOs, politicians, or military figures.You need to have your leaders to me by March 1 or you get 10 points off this assignment.For the two leaders, address the following:1. Describe who they are, their background, and their general accomplishments (get 3 good stories from each leader to use here or throughout your presentation).2. Did they have an easy path to their position or difficult? Why?3. What type of leader are they? (autocratic, democratic, etc.)4. What is his/her leadership philosophy? How does it differ between the two leaders?5. Pick 3 of the 7 Habits in the Covey book and describe how each leader followed those habits6.What would their success mantra be? What would 3 building blocks of their pyramid be?7. Describe the communication style of the leader.8. Describe what you believe would make both of these leaders better as leaders.Write this as a paper. It should be about 4-5 pages. The due date for the paper will be April 10, 2021 Make your presentation directly from this paper. You will sending your zoom presentation to me so I can load it. I will have instructions how to do that later. You will be also sending your powerpoint and on your last slide, you will have 3 open-ended questions from your presentation that I will use on the final.

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[SOLUTION] Disaster Resilience

Disasters are devastating, but they also provide opportunities to build back better, upgrade standards and safety measures to meet current challenges. Building disaster resilience in communities means protecting assets, health, livelihoods, cultures, and natural environments while promoting human rights.Along with these thoughts and as a soft approach to disaster resilience, explain how frameworks, such as SUSTAINABLE LIVELIHOOD AND SOCIAL CAPITAL, can achieve that goal. Use an actual disaster case example to argue your points.PLEASE CHECK ATTACHMENT TO FURTHER UNDERSTAND WHAT A SUSTAINABLE LIVELIHOOD AND SOCIAL CAPITAL IS

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[SOLUTION] Hypothesis on Early Childhood Education

Explain in 1/2 to a one-page paper what your hypothesis is and why you chose this specific area of Child Development to research. I’d like to research the effect of down syndrome. I need help putting this into words.

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[SOLUTION] Individual Cultural Heritage

Exploration of Self with Others: Journal/ paper – The purpose of this journal/paper is to explore your current personal identity while in a relationship with others. Please ensure that you are up-to-date on your reading prior to completing this assignment. Please ensure that you research the following vocabulary prior to completing this assignment. For this section, you will explore your own identity and also how that impacts your interactions with others. For example, if you are identified as Christian how will that impact your work with clients who identify as Atheists or if you are a male how will that impact your work with females.Vocabulary: heritage, culture, worldview, acculturation, spiritual, privilege, power, morals, values, beliefs, attitudes, etc.Describe/define your individual cultural heritage.Describe how this heritage affects your worldview (how you view the world, coexist and cooperate with others). (CACREP Sec.2.F.2.d.)Describe/define the morals, values, beliefs/attitudes/understandings you hold as part of your individual identity and self-concept.Describe how these affect your worldview (how you view the world, coexist and cooperate with others). (CACREP Sec.2.F.2.d.)Describe your acculturative experience.Describe how this experience affects your worldview (how you view the world, coexist and cooperate with others). (CACREP Sec.2.F.2.d.)NOTE: Everyone has experienced acculturation; some in major ways (like moving to a new geographical location or marrying into a family with a differing culture) and some in minor ways (like joining a new self-help group where everyone is different from you or wearing clothing that may not be what you would normally wear). Discuss how your spiritual beliefs impact your worldview and your work with clients (especially when their spiritual beliefs are different from yours).Describe your understanding of how a client’s spiritual beliefs can impact their worldview. (CACREP Sec.2.F.2.g.)Discuss both, the power and privilege you feel you hold and the impact that has had on your life.Describe your understanding of how a client’s perceived level of power and privilege can impact their worldview. (CACREP Sec.2.F.2.e.)Note: Everyone holds some level of power and privilege in their world; some in major ways and some in minor ways. Those levels can only be defined by the individual.

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