Honor and Esteem to Athletes Reward Discussion

Which reward shows more honor and esteem to athletes: the multi-million dollar contracts of modern American professional sports, or the common Greek rewards like statues and free meals for life? Your essay should have at least 4 paragraphs (including an introduction and conclusion). The rubric for grading is as follows:   5 points: includes the question you are answering, copied from the textbook 7 points: states a clear argument (a thesis statement) in the first paragraph, the introduction.  5 points: uses primary sources from the textbook; you can paraphrase, or quote, or summarize the primary sources. 5 points: makes accurate references to dates, figures, and terms in the textbook. Refer to these important details to make your argument, and as evidence to support your argument. 2 points: organization: one idea leads to the next 3 points: mechanics: spelling and grammar 3 points: includes a conclusion

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