Homeostasis Discussion Essay

Step 1 Define homeostasis. Define homeostasis. Then, give at least one example of homeostasis outside the human body.  By this, I don’t mean sweating, I mean something completely outside the body.  An example (but one you can’t use as your own) would be a chlorination system in a swimming pool. Step 2 Give three (3) examples of homeostasis within the human body. Give three examples of how a body system works to create or maintain homeostasis in the human body. Be sure to clearly identify the specific body system in each example and the organs and processes in each system that create or maintain homeostasis. FIVE paragraphs (minimum). 1.  Define homeostasis. 2.  An example of homeostasis outside the human body. 3.  Human homeostasis example #1 4.  Human homeostasis example #2. 5.  Human homeostasis example #3.

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