Higher Education Culture Discussion

The Culture of Higher Education has changed over the past few decades. From the old paradigm of “sage on the stage” to the newer ideas of service learning and shared experiences, education has altered into a new culture. As a leader in higher education, you must understand the overarching culture of higher education (including but not limited to nursing). Chapter 1 of Ruben et al. offers insights into the culture of higher education in the United States and the role the leader plays in the success of the organization. Additionally, Chapter 5 reviews the differences in cultures of academics and administrators, which can create significant challenges. Review the chapters and answer the following:  Do you consider Higher Education an industry (or business)? Why or why not? What is the role of the academic leader or nurse leader in the college or university setting? Do you believe that the leader of an academic institution or department is essential to the successes of the organization? Why or why not? Assess the school you currently teach at or one you are personally connected to (such as a previously attended school, if you are not currently teaching). Please use synonyms for the school and the leaders you are assessing.  Review Box 5.1 in Chapter 5 using the four topics as a guide for your assessment What is the importance of cultural sensitivity to the leader? their ability to use intercultural communication competencies?  Support your responses with the appropriate sources. See attachment. Scholarly references must be less than 5 years

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