High-fructose Corn Syrup

High-fructose corn syrup Assignment 1 comment on the following: Do you think that HFCS is more problematic than sucrose and other traditional sugars? Is it contributing to the obesity epidemic? Are there any health implications associated with its use that go above and beyond that of normal sugars? Tie together something from your personal experience as a health professional, as well as information from the DGA and the assigned papers. Say something interesting and worthwhile, from a social and health perspective, as it relates to the issue of carbohydrate consumption in this country. The more information we can add to the mix, the better! And, as always, please try to be critical of the information. Does the data make sense? Is the author presenting an unbiased picture? Are there any conflicts of interest? What are the implications if there are any conflicts of interest? This post should be 150–300 words long

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