[SOLVED] Indigenous Women Healthcare Problems

1. The paper should pose one contemporary healthcare problem Indigenous women face. The healthcare problem I want to focus on is, INEQUITABLE HEALTHCARE ACCESS. 2. What are the contributing causes for this problem, such as gender and native discrimination. 3. Write about some possible solutions for this problem. 4. Propose a solution in specific and concrete terms.

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[SOLVED] Communication Barriers in Healthcare

Basically what are the communication barriers that exists between doctors, nurses, etc and their patients.

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[SOLUTION] Branding Presentation

Develop a brand presentation of 8 12 slides for a new pet food product (or new product or line extension at your employer or future employer), using the speaker’s notes sections of each slide to expand your talking points. Introduction Branding is a means of di?erentiating a product from its competitors. Branding is an important aspect of marketing because it provides a distinctive identity to a product or family of products that sets it apart from competitors. This assessment introduces the concept of brands and discusses the various ways marketers position their products within the brand structure. By the end of the assessment, you may look at branding and products a bit di?erently than you do right now! Introduction Completion of this portfolio work project will help you understand the key components of a brand presentation. Scenario The Vice President of Marketing at MSH Brands (or at your employer or future employer company) was impressed with your marketing plan submitted in Assessment 1. They have now asked you to develop a brand presentation based on this work. Your Role You are a Brand Manager at MSH Brands (or at your employer or future employer company). You are being asked to develop a brand presentation for a new pet food product (or new product or line extension at your employer or future employer.) Requirements You are to develop a brand presentation including the following elements based on your research, building on your work submitted in Assessment 1. Develop a PowerPoint presentation of 8 12 slides that synthesize the work, using the speaker’s notes sections of each slide to expand your talking points. Be sure your presentation includes: What is the brand name for the product? What role does the new product play in the brand portfolio? Who is the target market? What will be the new product’s objectives (create greater customer loyalty, increase trials, expand usage among current users, support trade relations)? What will be the new product position? How will it complement the objectives? What will be the new product competitive pricing strategy? How will it complement the objectives? How will this be reflected in the packaging? How will it complement the objectives? How will this be reflected in the promotion? How will it complement the objectives? How will this be reflected in the placement? How will it complement the objectives? Deliverable Format PowerPoint presentation. Use Guidelines for Effective PowerPoint Presentations [PPTX] as a resource. 8 12 slides (in addition to the title and references slides). Include additional details on each slide in the speaker’s notes section. Additional requirements: Title slide. References slide. APA-formatted references from at least five sources. Be sure you consider the audience. Evaluation By successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrate your pro?ciency in the following course competencies through corresponding scoring guide criteria: Competency 1: Apply marketing theories and models to develop marketing strategies. Articulate the context of the business (product name, role in brand, target segment). Competency 2: Evaluate the e?ectiveness of marketing strategies and methods. Evaluate the effectiveness of marketing strategies (product objectives and positioning). Competency 3: Use data to support evidence-based marketing decisions. Evaluate the marketing mix (pricing, packaging, promotion, and placement) for a product. Competency 5: Communicate marketing needs, opportunities, and strategies with multiple stakeholders. Write coherently to support a central idea with correct grammar, usage, and mechanics as expected of a business professional.

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[SOLUTION] Managing Patience Expectations

In this Learns cape, you are presented a negligence case where a patient was given a treatment without expressly consenting to it. You will discuss with the radiologist who worked with the patient and did not approve of the treatment, and then you will talk to the cardiologist who performed the treatment without the consent of the patient. You will work with Bright Road Chief Counsel to analyze the data and determine Bright Road’s liability in this case. Work through the simulation. Read Chapter 27 “Managing Patient Expectations Through Informed Consent”. Review the grading rubric.  Write a paragraph that explains how informed consent can promote patient safety.

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[SOLUTION] Top Issues Facing Hospitals

I am attaching a bibliography page with four sources that also need to be included in the paper. I could use this back soon as possible. I also included feedback from a professor in the writing center. If you can please make the corrections/adjustments and return to me.  As the healthcare paradigm shifts from treating illness toward preventing illness, providers are challenged to adopt new models of care delivery and to embrace evolving concepts of value-driven reimbursement strategies. Moreover, healthcare providers must give increased attention to the need to improve healthcare in a manner that improves health outcomes across population groups and the entire nation as part of the population health approach. There are a variety of challenges facing healthcare leaders. The Managed Healthcare Executive published the top 6 items to watch. Read the Top 6 Challenges Healthcare Executives Face in 2020  (Links to an external site.) For this assignment, you are tasked with discussing how the issues on this list relate to population health, analyzing why these challenges exist, discovering research-based proposed solutions to these challenges, and debating the pros and cons of each of these solutions. The assignment consists of three parts. Part 1: Identify Challenges (2-3 pages) Choose five of the issues on the ACHE survey list and discuss 3-5 challenges surrounding each issue to analyze from a population health perspective. Each challenge should be a sub-heading in this part of the paper. Present the challenge, describe it, and provide some history or background, based on credible research sources. Part 2: Analysis of Challenges (3-4 pages) Explain each challenge you identified in Part 1 and provide a comprehensive discussion on why each has broad and far-reaching implications for improving the health of the U.S. population. Use data and scholarly research to support your thinking and bolster your discussion. Part 3: Proposed Solutions and Recommendations (3-4 pages) Discuss how the population-health paradigm can contribute to solutions for each of the five ACHE survey issues you selected. For each issue from the survey you discussed, make a specific recommendation you have identified in the research. Create a table to analyze the recommendations that identifies the following components: Pros and cons of this solution you have located. Arguments for and against this solution. Proponents or critics of this solution. Narrative discussion of your analysis. Discuss your analysis from the table. This requires critical analysis. You will want to assess the solution as well as their detractors and supporters and any possible biases in each. You will want to think through how solutions would be implemented, funded, supported, and received by various stakeholders, such as medical professionals, government, and the public. Requirements: The complete paper should consist of eight to ten pages, excluding the required title and reference pages. You must include at least eight credible sources, five of which must be peer-reviewed, scholarly sources. You may not use the textbook as one of your scholarly sources.

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[SOLUTION] Nontraditional Health Care Practices

Research different popular nontraditional health care practices. Write a 1,000-1,200-word paper exploring nontraditional health care practices and include the following: Describe nontraditional health care practices in different cultures. Compare at least three cultures. Explain the importance of these practices in providing holistic and quality health care. Identify the nontraditional health care options in your areas, and identify the number of people choosing to use them over traditional medical practices. Propose reasons why the number of people using nontraditional health care options is rising. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.

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[SOLUTION] Senior Housing

The long-term care system is in a rapid period of change, with the need for long-term care services growing as more and more baby boomers enter retirement. This assignment will cover an analysis of the long-term care (LTC) system. Include the following for this assignment: Summarize how the current long-term care (LTC) system was developed. Classify the key strengths and weaknesses in the system.  Explain how the continuum of care applies to the long-term care system of today. Compare the strengths and weaknesses of the institutional approach as it relates to a patient’s continuum of care. Compare the strengths and weaknesses of the non-institutional approach as it relates to a patient’s continuum of care. Defend your point of view on the long-term care system.  The paper should meet the following minimum requirements:  The paper should be a minimum of 1,050 words (3–4 pages), excluding the cover page, abstract page, and reference page. The paper should be in proper APA format. Work should be supported with at least 4 academic or professional peer-reviewed sources that were published within the past 5 years.

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[SOLUTION] Yoga for Depression

Submit a 3-4 page essay about Yoga, and its relation to health, as an overview, or Yoga and its relationship to any specific health subject. For example: It could be about Yoga for Elders, Yoga for Children, Yoga for Depression, Yoga for Insomnia, etc. In your textbook, Chapter 11 – SPECIALIZED TEACHING covers some examples of how Yoga can help students with special health concerns. You can speak to one of physical, mental, or emotional conditions covered in the text, or chose one of your own. Requirements for this assignment: Make sure your name is at the top of the paper. You must use at least 2 resources (You can use other books, online resources, articles, DVDs/CDs, etc.) Cite your sources using MLA format and include a reference page. Absolutely No Plagiarism! If you need to quote an author, reference it. All resources, used in your essay, must be documented. You will lose points, up to and including a failing grade, if this is not done. Single-spaced. (Double-spaced assignments will NOT be accepted) 12-point font in either Calibri or Arial font. The margins must be 1 inch on all sides. Must be at least 3-full pages in length, and no more than 4-full pages in length. If your essay does not meet this requirement, it will result in a point deduction, up to and including, a failing grade. *Please note that your reference page does not count towards your page requirements.

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[SOLUTION] Importance of Employee Motivation

Motivation is not a new concept.  Why is motivation important? Is it more important that an employee is motivated or engaged and why?  Here is the book for my class, please take a brief look at chapter 3-4 as the essay should be related to these chapters. https://books.google.com/books?id=fQ22DwAAQBAJ&printsec=frontcover&dq=introduction+to+healthcare+management+4th+edition&hl=vi&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjg05f6k9zrAhXCjVkKHVZMA70Q6AEwAHoECAIQAg#v=onepage&q=introduction%20to%20healthcare%20management%204th%20edition&f=false

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[SOLUTION] The Situation Assessment

Part 1: The Situation Assessment You will write a 5-page research-based paper in current AMA format focusing on the potential of avian influenza A (H7N9) to expand into a local epidemic or spread beyond to pandemic proportions. The paper must include at least 5 peer-reviewed references in addition to the readings supplied in the scenario, the course textbooks, and the Bible. A biblical perspective on the response must be considered and referenced appropriately Just part one of the assignment more instruction on attachment AMA  format  with  (number the reference in order 1,2,3,4,5))

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