Government and Constitutional Discussion

Inspired by Montesquieu’s argument that only a government of separated powers can achieve maximum liberty, the Framers create a government composed of three branches — the legislative, the executive, and the judiciary. John Locke argues that, of a government’s three branches, the legislative branch should be most powerful/have the most authority. What are the justification(s) he provides for this stance? Do you agree that the legislative branch should be more powerful than the others? Why or why not? Based upon your reading of Smith, your understanding of the theories of constitutional interpretation described by Thomas, and your own knowledge and understanding of the Constitution, do you think the Framers did an adequate job of designing a government with a dominant legislative power? Why or why not? Give at least one current or historical example. Be sure to cite any sources you use. You will not be able to read other students’ posts until you have posted. Here is the reading that might help you

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