Google Watches You Discussion

“Maybe feeling watched may make the world more honest,” says the homunculus-genius TED talkER in the above video. Write an 8-10-page paper. First, watch the video. Briefly explain (after your thesis paragraph, of course), what this person has to say about the future of search. Next, explain your own use of mobile search technology and why you feel that these technologies are indispensable or an imposition (use at least two of the sources for this week’s readings as references in support of your claims). Finally, in the critical-phase of your paper, do you agree that “maybe feeling watched may make the world more honest”? Why or why not? Make sure you demonstrate familiarity with the tension between surveillance and presumptions of honesty. There’s a lot written about this issue. For an excellent counterargument, read this chapter from Ariely’ s book on dishonesty. Even the Supreme Court has weighed in on the sanctity of anonymity in a democracy In McIntyre v. Ohio, in which a powerful concurring opinion was written by Justice Thomas. Make sure you demonstrate some knowledge of the course material and connect to the history of communication technologies. This is the video

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