Global Operations Management

This paper gives you the opportunity to analyze the benefits/downsides of creating manufacturing operations outside the US (OUS). What are the advantages/disadvantages of just-in-time manufacturing? Strategic alliances?  How does technology support the opportunity for using OUS resources to manage production? Give two examples of companies that have utilized OUS manufacturing capabilities successfully.  Give two examples where going OUS has failed. Why were these countries selected for OUS operations?  Explain in detail why they failed/succeeded.  What are the lessons learned from both experiences? If you were counseling an organization to consider a global manufacturing operation, what questions would you ask them to help them decide?   These companies may or may not be based in your country of choice.  You must have at least three references to the Hill and Hult (2020) coursebook, and can then use additional sources including the Ascent of Money videos, your relevant website material, Wall Street Journal, etc. There should be a minimum of five references and a maximum of 10 and you must include the text book and cite using APA.  Be sure you have an introduction, an analysis and a conclusion.

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