Fundamental Christian Beliefs Exercise

This exercise is intended to help you synthesize the course content, in particular with an eye to explaining to non-Christians what Christians hold as the core of their belief, in common with others in the Christian tradition. You will summarize the essential aspects of Christian doctrine in common language so as to communicate this truth to someone unfamiliar with Christianity. Your goal is to explain what Christians believe rather than to convince someone else to become a believer. The format is up to you, but must be legible. There are 3 examples provided to you in the course website, but remember, the following examples do not reflect every required element of this assignment. Therefore, these are meant to assist you in understanding single elements. For instance, Example #1 demonstrates the creative aspect. Examples #2 and #3 demonstrate the descriptive theological requirement (Using the examples too closely [in either format or content] will give you a low grade!)  Faith Communication Example  OR Christianity Example OR Gods Story Example. NOTE: Using the examples at all closely [in either format or content] will give you a low grade! Points are awarded for innovation, quality, and theological completeness. This project is much more difficult than it seems, and this is reflected in the grades. Length:  excluding the cover page and reference pages, formatted in MLA style Cover Page containing: Title of Paper, Your Name, Course Number and Name, Instructor’s, Name, and Date. Introductory Paragraph: setting forth a clear statement of your thesis. Conclusion: a concise statement that reaffirms your thesis. References: At least 6 quoted references to scholarly articles, including at least two from the Northwest Library.

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