Eyes Were Watching God

Choose one of the following essay prompts and develop a 500-550 word essay. Discuss Janie’s emergence as a person, and the roles that her three husbands (Logan Killicks, Joe Starks, and Teacake) had in her development. In other words, what role does each man play in Janie’s development? Which one of the characters did you like and/or dislike? Why? Teacake is twelve years younger than Janie. Besides the physical attraction, what do you think attracts Janie to Teacake? P.S. I gave the movie title in the assignment topic bar so that’s what the essay is about that movie and my teacher would like for you to choose between those three prompts in order to form the essay. Also no sources is needed for this essay. Thank You Winfrey, Oprah. Their Eyes Were Watching God. YouTube, 2012, www.youtube.com/watch?v=teUi8N5ZaNs. This is the link to the movie so please use this link in order to form the essay.

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