Epidemiology and Viral Diseases Report

1.Person to Person bacteria diseases  2.Person to person viral diseases *For each of the categories listed above, write 193 word report on each *The report should be in APA format with citations and references Provide the genus and species of the pathogen ,along with the name of the illness the pathogen causes in humans. *From an epidemiological perspective , why is the pathogen a human health threat. Visit the CDC website to find an example of an outbreak in the categories above provide an example of a recent outbreak of these categories of diseases. *Scroll down to outbreaks *click on all outbreaks to find this information *briefly summarize the outbreak. where did it occur? how many people were impacted *Do not copy and paste from the website( Include the website in your references and citation) *what advice would you give to the pubic regarding these pathogens? what steps could be taken to prevent or reduce incidence?

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