Water Consumption

All living organisms on Earth need water to survive. Many, including humans, require fresh water, but only 3% of the water on the Earth’s surface is fresh water. How is fresh water important to you? How does this affect the way you manage your use of fresh water?

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[SOLVED] Contaminated Land

Write a report on the Phase 1 Site Investigation (Desk Study), an assessment of the chemical laboratory results of the Phase 2 Site Investigation (Ground Investigation), and give Recommendations for the Remediation and Monitoring Methods, for the case study given on the short course. The report must include the following sections: Title: Executive summary (e.g. scope of report, methodology and main findings) Contents page (e.g. section numbers, headings and page numbers) Introduction (e.g. scope of report, description of location) Desk study (e.g. an outline of the probable historic land uses of the area and the potential contaminants, based on historic maps and geological maps of the area) Chemical Results (e.g. a commentary on the results given, and the levels that could trigger remedial action) Risk assessment (e.g. the likelihood and severity of potential contaminants causing harm) Recommendations for Remediation and Monitoring Methods (e.g. justification for recommendations) References Assignment word length:        1500 words maximum 1.      Observe the Google Maps satellite images and street view to view the area as a walk over survey. Use the post code B69 4HH. 2.      Make notes of the present-day land use and possible industrial processes and potential contaminants, pathways and receptors/targets. 3.      Using the BGS Geology of Britain Viewer, determine the solid bedrock geology and the superficial deposits on the site. Use the post code B69 4HH. 4.      Make notes on the rock and sediment types and any geological structures and their relative permeability and potential as pathways. 5.      Using the Environment Agency’s flood risk maps, determine the type and level of flood risk. 6.      Consider the role of flooding in contaminated land. 7.      Investigate the historic maps of the site to determine the land use on various dates. 8.      Make observations of the land use and put them into a table with the dates. 9.      Do a search on Google to find out about history of the site, including the Springfield Chemical Works, Tharsis Works, etc. and other named locations on the maps. 10.   Using this history, try to find out the possible industrial processes that may have caused contamination and the types of potential contaminants. 11.   List these in the table above alongside the dates. 12.   Consider the “source – pathway – receptor” concept for contaminated land. 13.   Carry out a risk assessment for the change in land use from an industrial site to a domestic housing development with gardens. Risk is about likelihood, severity of impact and vulnerability. 14.   Using the Soil Guideline Values for the substances found in the chemical testing, determine if the levels of potential contaminants are above these values in any of the samples. 15.   Determine the need for remediation of the site and recommend the types of remediation methods that would be most suitable. P

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[SOLVED] Environmental Issue Letter

Letter to a New York state representative: Please write an advocacy letter for an environmental issue of your choice to a state representative. Effective letters should be clearly written, provide clear justification for the claims made, link to specific legislation, and be clean writing. Also in a separate paragraph summarize the essay in a few sentences.

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[SOLVED] Community Climate Change Appraisal

Please read this and follow it carefully. The instructions are in the instructions and guidelines PDF. The outline to follow for writing is also attached as a document. This should just be a word document with all the information in it, no need to use a PowerPoint presentation or audio. Please follow the outline everything should be in question and answer format. Example-  Title slide and introduction: Climate Change in Florida write here for an introduction a brief discussion of what climate change is.

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[SOLVED] Air pollution in Harlem NY

investigate an environmental justice issue in your community : Bad Air quality in Harlem NY.   – How did this happen -­?Current situation -­? what is or isn’t happening, -­?Examine the issue and its ramification from every possible angle, who arethe various actors/participants, what are possible solutions, legislature, specific immediate ramifications and the longer term ones to the to the local community, health, air, water, soil, wildlife and the impact on the larger environment . Think about the relationships, connecting the dots from one aspect to another within our ecological system. -­?Include the impacts of COVID-19 to your issue -­?Be sure to make sure that what you write is current –many laws have beenchanged, regulations deregulated. Do the work, check if that funding or policystill exists in 2020. -Advocacy suggestions and nature-based solutions. This is required in the conclusion. Please be as specific as possible. -These specifics will vary depending on your topic, there is no exact forma or formula.. Think of it like a tree – the topic is the main tree trunk and all the history, issues, possible solutions are the roots and branches.   Minimum: 4 written pages, not including bibliography, pictures, NO COVERpage BE SURE To use citations-­? APL style and to use multiple reliable andvarying references (5 minimum), list in your bibliography page. Format: standard research paper, use proper citationsn, must include page numbers on bottom, NO cover sheet, include name on top.

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[SOLVED] Environmental policy paper outline

Please rewrite to oppose Trump’s rollback of regulations of the Keystone XL pipeline. See blue comments and margin notes to rewrite and improve. Please provide paper outline on the following: This paper is intended to help you develop expertise in one particular area of environmental policy. You will provide a detailed explanation of a particular policy change. of the Keystone XL pipeline (https://eelp.law.harvard.edu/2018/02/keystone-xl-pipeline/) and then make an argument for why you agree or disagree with the rule. Your argument should draw on empirical information and can include normative claims. You should carefully evaluate the pros and cons of the rollback/rule change based on academic articles, empirical research, and/or policy briefs about the proposed policy.  https://eelp.law.harvard.edu/2018/02/keystone-xl-pipeline/

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[SOLVED] Glaciers and Sea Ice

Please submit a summary of at least one article you’ve read that references another article you’ve read. That is: -Summarize one article you’ve read for your project. -In that summary, make sure you reference another article you’ve read. The goal here is to think carefully about how you are putting together a ‘literature’ that is in discussion. Your summary should be a standard 4-5 sentence abstract/bibliographic entry.

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[SOLVED] Pollution Concept

You will need to rewrite these 3 papers into one argumentative-PERSUASIVE essay(800 words). Here is an example of 3 of another student’s papers and the 4th combined as a final (like the one I need to extract out of mines), and examples of some outlines regarding the structure of the essay(it is not strict though, following the examples of other student’s papers is better). My professor also suggests using more of the word “I”, expressing your own opinion on the issue and the ways to resolve it, and talking more about your own attitude to the problem(I have greatly expressed in my previous papers, as well as my style of writing, by the way, which is better not be completely different from yours). It’s perfectly fine if some of the ideas will be repeated in other words in any part throughout the essay, even good. 3 of my papers that need to be combined: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1q9-qlZ9Aa0Sh5LikXfPhN3Ic3l_K0c-t/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1t-TlrcD5kWn_TcQ9ubCeRCrZ796NBfD7/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/15IFKCYds0BqGx6w–EYIZdCtyvdqJgMa/view?usp=sharing Outlines: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1aedEPLtGItJoMSAqODDiKP_6J8ae6ou9/view?usp=sharing Another student’s papers (the formatting isn’t correct, it’s not MLA): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zlVzBVno6q7hzTtLKcPmu7tatikB1-aV/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DNWjsMY_6lWKoYpd9sxVpd3jQPcWck_1/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xrZMgR0f9xCwYiQ_kA8BcVbIoao81dx-/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/15b83TMjDeJ-lCpoPC_j3xO8ObNxUPAhS/view?usp=sharing Everything is in numerical order. Thank you and good luck!

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[SOLVED] Oil Cultures

For the research paper, you will write a 1500-2000-word paper that will contextualize your study in relation to other studies on the same topic, describe your own study (what you examined and how you examined it), and share your findings (through evidence supplied from primary sources that explains these findings or claims). In your research paper, you will also speculate about the significance of your findings or claims, the limitations of your research and, from these limitations, possibilities for future research. I have included some explain articles that my course has gone over. You may use them or find other articles online that support the essay. The pdf titled “Proposal – Sterling Rawlins” is the proposal for the research paper so you must start working off that document. Please follow the criteria above very closely!

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[SOLVED] Global Climate Change and Human Health

Give one example of how global climate change is currently endangering human health. In your response, summarize one recent article. Include health statistics or data to demonstrate health impacts.  Please provide at least one citation

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