[SOLUTION] Community Issue Connection

COMM 1304Community Issue Connection AssignmentSelect one of the following theories or models below. Research the theory/model and write a 3-6 page paper (double-spaced, 12 point font) defining and explaining it. Link the theory/model with a current community issue (obvious examples could include different perspectives and issues with the COVID 19 crisis or the Black Lives Matter movement). Include information as to why you believe this theory/model can best be linked to this particular community issue. To be successful, students must apply the chosen theory/model to a specific community issue and consider different perspectives or solutions. What are the limitations of studying this issue with respect to the theory/model that you have linked to it?  It is expected that students will utilize at least two sources in addition to the course textbook. You must include a works cited page.  MLA or APA format is permitted.  Evaluation will be based on organization, depth of analysis, grammar, sentence syntax, and referencing your sources.Select one of the following theories:Knapp’s Staircase ModelImagined Trajectories ModelCyclicalTensions ModelSocial Penetration TheoryCommunication Privacy Management TheorySocial Judgement Theory

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