Digital Marketing Agency Business Plan

This Business Plan is for a one-person online digital marketing agency whos niche is in video production for clients. Here is a good keynote for inspiration: This is the brand identity: Mission – We help artists connect with customers through marketing and branded video production. Vision – To provide quality and consistent work to any artist in need around the world. Core Values –  *Traditions + Innovation *Positive Attitude *Building Relationships *Accountability *Recognition Why Statement Instructions: – Your ‘why’ statement should be so specific that it leaves you, your team, investors, clients, and prospects with no questions about why you exist. Your ‘why’ will inspire your team, clients, and community. It will have a direct impact on how you approach sales, marketing, and operations. Here is a good example of a ‘why’ statement: – “Awesome Agency was founded to promote educational equality for all children. We help socially conscious clients in the educational technology space consistently share their message through our digital marketing services. Our capabilities and guidance help our clients focus on curriculum and platform development — leaving marketing strategy and execution to us.” Concept Statement: – Present the product, the reason for selecting the product, and summarizes the general plan. Customer Onboarding Plan: – How will the owner choose customers, what are the customers the owner does not want as a one-person agency? – What are the competitive rates to charge for marketing and video production work as of 2020? Automation Plan: – On a shoestring budget, how can a one-person agency manage his time and automating his business? Good Inspiration for automation: Building the Team: – Present the owner and his attributes. Use this sample student as the owner *(The owners’ passion is helping people grow their businesses.) *(The owners’ top capabilities are research, video production, and post-production.) *(The owners’ top soft skills are responsibility, working under pressure, and flexibility. *(The problem the owner solves is…Fill this sentence in) Good inspiration for agency team building: Business Challenges: – Present the challenges of being a one-person marketing agency and how the owner will overcome them. – Present, based on research, which freelancers and contractors for the various jobs the owner may need to hire or outsource first. – Present their purpose and reasons or justifications on hiring them. – Present what job the likely first full-time employee would be hired for. Scaling Plan: – Present projections based on current data on scaling marketing agencies. – Outline how the agency will grow over a few years’ time. Marketing Plan: – Who needs a one-man marketing agency that specializes in video production. – Present the need for the product, who it will be marketed to, and why that group. – Present any new target markets that may emerge as Evrlead scales up. – Present an initial marketing plan with strategies and tactics and why each was chosen. – Present research that confirms any conclusions made. Here are some strategic considerations: ~Search engine marketing (SEM) ~Paid social media marketing ~Highly targeted print advertising ~Referral marketing (digital approach) ~Referral/word-of-mouth marketing (in-person approach) Sales Plan and forecast sales: This video should be helpful. – Remember your ‘why’ statement in all of your sales activities – Write how he will do prospecting and networking – Note how he will contact leads and prospects – Write a simple description of how he plans to present your business to leads – Decide on a system/strategy for following up with prospects – Design a referral process that involves clients and partners (finder’s fees can be involved) Customer Service: – Present how he plans to maintain healthy client/customer relationships Finance & Accounting: – Show an accounting plan for the business, outlining the fixed and variable costs as well as project ted revenue.   -Give supporting evidence. Management & Organizational Structure: – Explain what type of work environment the business will have, and show an organizational structure of the business that represents that idea. Good Inspiration for marketing agency structure: Legal Considerations: – Identify any legal considerations the business team might foresee – Choose the business entity for a one-person agency that hires freelancers as independent contractors. Good influence for legal considerations:

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