Digital Campaign for Company

You’ve been selected as the Digital Marketing Manager (DMM) for the company of your choice! For this Portfolio Project, you will pick a company in which you have an interest. Then, you will develop a digital campaign around a specific event or date. For example, you may want to be the DMM for REI and you’ll develop a campaign around the U.S. National Park Service’s birthday. Or, you may want to be the DMM for Whole Foods, and you choose to develop a campaign around Thanksgiving. Or, perhaps you want to be the DMM for Kate Spade, and your campaign is a celebration of the 4th of July. You’ll need to cover the following components in a well-written paper of 8-10 pages: Executive Summary: In one page or less, provide a synopsis of your digital campaign for a busy executive. Company Background: In one paragraph, describe the company, its products and services, and primary market. Campaign Strategy or “The Brief”: State the primary goal of the campaign and identify the event or date you have chosen to achieve this goal. What do you need to do and why? Why is this event or date relevant to your company’s marketing goals? What are your objectives for the campaign? Target Segment: Who is your target segment? What do you need them to do? Or feel? Or think? Or share? Identify and describe your target segment and tie your call-to-action back to your campaign goal and objectives. (Hint: The more specific the target segment, the easier it is to develop your campaign.) Role of Digital Marketing/Channel Selection: Describe how you will use three specific social media sites, video, your company website, and email in an integrated campaign. Demonstrate why these choices will help you engage with your target segment most effectively. Message and Strategy Drivers: Content is king! Identify your core message for this campaign, and then: ·         Write one piece of content for each of your three chosen social-media platforms (e.g., one tweet, one Pinterest post, one Facebook post). This will be a total of three pieces of content. ·         Design an image to use with your social media that supports your campaign. You may use Canva or any other design tool. ·         Describe a short, 30-second video you would film and discuss how you would share it. Describe the imagery in the video. ·         Write a well-crafted email subject line designed to grab your target segment’s attention. Create an image specifically for your email campaign that is sized appropriately. You may use Canva or any other design tool. ·         Describe what a user would see on your website landing page related to this campaign. Metrics: Identify five specific metrics you will use to report back to your CEO. Discuss why these metrics are most effective for your campaign—tie them back to the campaign goal and your channels. Global Reach: Discuss how you could recycle your campaign for foreign markets. Ethical Concerns and Management: Identify any possible ethical concerns that your campaign may encounter and discuss how you will manage them. Conclusion: Synthesize your key points that demonstrate how all your campaign pieces work in harmony to engage and move your target audience to action. References: Justify your analysis with your sources. Submission Requirements ·         Your well-written paper should be 8-10 pages, not including the required cover and reference pages. ·         Discuss and reference concepts taken from the assigned textbook reading and relevant research. ·         Support your paper with six to eight scholarly references.

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