Cultural Values Worksheet

Understanding and examining values specific to various cultures or sub-groups can enhance the delivery of behavioral health services. Students must learn about the values of different groups to improve their ability to provide quality services to diverse populations in their role as paraprofessionals. Directions: In the table below, identify three specific cultural values attributed to each of the cultural groups listed. In the far right column, explain how knowledge of these values may influence how behavioral health services could be best provided to individuals in each cultural group. Use a minimum of two scholarly resources, which may include your textbook, to support your explanation. Cultural Values Name 3 cultural values for each cultural group How can knowledge of these values influence provision of behavioral health services to individuals in each cultural group? (Each response should be 50 to 100 words.) Cultural Group African Americans 1. 2. 3. Arab Americans 1. 2. 3. Asian Americans 1. 2. 3. Latino Americans 1. 2. 3.

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