Cuba’s Sustainable Development

I’d like you to help me write a two – or three-minute speech, 200-300 words is enough, and I need a PPT page. There is a PPT template in the attachment. I am only responsible for the location/distance of Cuba’s sustainable development. Attached is the PPT of the other two students, which is about territory and place. Attached is the PPT of the teacher’s lecture. If you have no idea, you can listen to what the teacher said. The following is the PPT requirements of the group for your reference only. Student groups (four students per group) will produce a 20-minute Powerpoint presentation with voice recording. Presentations will analyze an economic development topic through the lens of the four concepts of space (location/distance, territory, place, and scale) that are discussed in Chapter One of the course textbook. Presentations will examine WHY certain economic activities occur WHERE they do. The completed presentation will be emailed to me.

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