Criminal Justice

You will pick a current problem or an issue within Corrections that needs to be addressed.  You will identify the problem, answering the who, what, when, where, and how through researching scholarly articles.  You will then come up with a solution to problem, including research to support the solution. You will need to incorporate at least 6 scholarly articles into your paper and cite them in APA Format.  Your paper will need to be at least 8 pages typed, not including the title page, and reference page.

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Minorities versus Non Minorities

Blue Lives, Black Lives, All Lives: What is the impact of police brutality minorities versus non minorities? Using statistical data and other reputable sources, your paper focus should address at least 6 all of the following areas and address : 1) Caucasian police officers with African American offenders, 2) Caucasian police officers with Caucasian offenders, 3) African American police officers with African American offenders, 4) African American police officers with Caucasian offenders; 5) Caucasian police officers with Hispanic offenders; 6) Hispanic police officers with Hispanic offenders; 7) Caucasian police officers with other non-Caucasian offenders; 8) Other Non-Caucasian police officers with Caucasian offenders; 9) Minority race police officers with minority race offenders (not previously mentioned above). Include your opinion and evidence supporting same, on what should be done to reduce and eliminate over use of force in the criminal justice system and why. Here are a few references you may use if you would like . Adedoyin, A. C., Moore, S. E., Robinson, M. A., Clayton, D. M., Boamah, D. A., & Harmon, D. K. (2019). The Dehumanization of Black Males by Police: Teaching Social Justice—Black Life Really Does Matter! Journal of Teaching in Social Work. Alang, S. (2018). The More Things Change, the More Things Stay the Same: Race, Ethnicity, and Police Brutality. American Journal of Public Health. Graham, A., Haner, M., Sloan, M. M., Cullen, F. T., Kulig, T. C., & Jonson, C. L. (2020). Race and Worrying About Police Brutality: The Hidden Injuries of Minority Status in America. Victims & Offenders Holmes, M. D. (2000). Minority Threat And Police Brutality: Determinants Of Civil Rights Criminal Complaints In U.s. Municipalities. Criminology. Jimenez, R. T., Goodwin, A., Chandler-Olcott, K., Hinchman, K. A., Griffith, R., Lacina, J., & Post, M. (2020). Overcoming Racial Injustice: A Call to Action. The Reading Teacher. Paoline, E., Gau, J., & Terrill, W. (2016, December 26). Race and the Police Use of Force Encounter in the United States. Smit

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Community Notification

The risks and benefits of community notification (e.g. sex offender registries, community notification of the release of a high risk offender from jail into the community)It must be 3 pages double spaced with a length of 1500 words. There must be 3 scholarly sources. (e.g. journal articles/studies). This is a research focused paper, please do not include personal opinions. Focus on content from your scholarly sources.  Additional General Guidelines for Written Assignments  All written assignments must be written in 12-point font (Times New Roman, Cambria are accepted), double spaced, with a first-line indent, and normal (2.54 cm) margins.  All assignments must have a cover page with your name and student number, the course number, a creative title reflecting the nature of the assignment, and the date of submission.  All assignments must be formatted using APA style, which includes a running head on the cover page, page numbers (starting at 1 on the cover page), and a reference page, formatted using APA referencing style. 

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Investigation Procedures for Criminal Prosecution

The Big Stage! Investigators’ roles are largely complete when they hand an investigation over to the District Attorney’s office. Investigators may be called on, however, to help prepare evidence to be presented at trial and to testify about the investigation.  In this assignment, you will outline how investigative procedures support the use of evidence in court proceedings and the trial preparation for a criminal prosecution. Create a table detailing information for each of the following phases of an investigation: The Initial Crime Scene. Describe the steps in processing the initial crime scene. Describe the responsibilities and priorities for investigators. Describe the steps in documenting the crime scene. What are the investigator’s legal obligations at this phase? What are pitfalls to avoid at this phase? The Investigation. Examine procedures and best practices for gathering information. Examine procedures and best practices for conducting witness interviews. What are the investigator’s legal obligations at this phase? What are pitfalls to avoid at this phase? Apprehend Suspects. Analyze strategies for identifying suspects. Analyze strategies for locating and apprehending suspects. Analyze strategies for conducting the interrogation. What are the investigator’s legal obligations at this phase? What are pitfalls to avoid at this phase? The Final Report. Describe parts of the final report. Analyze procedures for assembling and organizing the final report. Analyze procedures for presenting the case to prosecutors. What are the investigator’s legal obligations at this phase? What are pitfalls to avoid at this phase? Prepare for Prosecution. Describe the investigator’s role in preparing evidence for presentation. Describe the investigator’s role in preparing for trial testimony. You may use the The Big Stage! Template [DOCX] to complete this assignment. Remember to update the header with your name, the assignment date, and your professor’s name. Your assignment will be evaluated using the following criteria: Describe the steps of processing a crime scene along with the responsibilities and priorities of first responders. Examine procedures and best practices for gathering information and conducting witness interviews. Analyze strategies and techniques for identifying, locating, apprehending, and interrogating suspects. Analyze procedures for assembling and organizing the final report, and presenting it to prosecutors. Describe the investigator’s role in preparing for, and testifying at, a trial. Cite three references. Clarity, writing mechanics, and formatting requirements This course requires the use of Strayer Writing Standards. For assistance and information, please refer to the Strayer Writing Standards link in the left-hand menu of your course. Check with your professor for any additional instructions. The specific course learning outcome associated with this assignment is: Examine the preparation process and tasks required of a criminal investigator in a courtroom setting.

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Juvenile Justice Essay

Complete a one to two page essay paper addressing the following questions: Explain what is meant by delinquency. Identify assumptions of the due process model in juvenile justice. Identify one main way that juvenile crime is measured in the United States.

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Criminal Justice Case Study

Ex post facto laws are forbidden by the United States Constitution, and this protection prohibits the government from charging you with a crime using a law that was created after the crime was committed. If it was not a crime at the time an actor committed an act, then the actor may not be charged when the act becomes a crime. But protection against ex post facto laws effect more than just the elements of a crime, it also effects sentencing and punishment. The links below describe an unusual situation involving a cold case murder. Read the articles and discuss the questions below. Man, 52, Is Convicted as a Juvenile in a 1976 Murder, Creating a Legal Tangle 10-year prison term imposed in cold case murder of Westfield woman Should a 52 year-old man who has eluded justice for so many years enjoy protections normally afforded juvenile defendants simply because he was 15 when he committed the crime? Why do ex post facto protections always work to the benefit of the accused regarding sentencing even when there was a more severe sentence available at the time the crime was committed? Should the law be able to punish this 52 year old man for not turning himself in for such a long period of time? Is there an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would prevent the criminal justice system from punishing him for not confessing? Lesson 4 Discussion 250 wrds  De Blasio’s decision to add 1,300 cops came after being swayed by Commissioner Bratton’s vision for NYPD: sources Read the article about New York City adding 1,300 new police officers. Mayor De Blasio has been publicly critical of his own police department’s treatment of minorities and use of force. Why do you think the mayor agreed to hire 1,300 new police officers? Does more police equal less crime? Can understaffing cause increases in use of force? In your own city or community, do you feel better seeing more police officers or fewer?

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Problems and Roles of Police Department

Chapter 4 List the problems faced by today’s police departments that were also present during the early days of policing. Distinguish between the duties of the state police, sheriffs’ departments, and local police departments. Do you believe that the general public has greater respect for the police today than in the past? If so why? If not, why not? . What are some of the technological advances that should help the police solve more crimes? What are the dangers of these advances? Chapter 5 Should the primary police role be law enforcement or community service? Explain. Should a police chief be permitted to promote an officer with special skills to a supervisory position, or should all officers be forced to spend “time in rank”? Explain your answer. Do the advantages of proactive policing outweigh the disadvantages? Explain. Explain the concept of broken windows policing. Why might it be successful?

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Cultural and Sub-cultural Theories Critique The Chicago School and Cultural and Subcultural Theories of Crime Turnitin Assignment 2 3 page Summary/Critique on Kingston et. al., (2009). A Test of Social Disorganization Theory in High-Risk Urban Neighborhoods. in APA format to be turned into Moodle no later than Friday, September, 4th. You will be required to write a three-page summary/critique of each journal to be turned in before the end of that week’s Friday, before 11:59PM. Late essays will not be accepted. All essays must be submitted before 11:59 on the date specified. The essay/critique paper should be at least 3 pages but not more than 4 pages, typed, double-spaced and in APA format per the 6th edition of the manual.  Do not forget a cover page and reference page! No Abstract need in summary.

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The Courtroom in Popular Culture

Locate an online resource that shows (or talks about) the courtroom in action that would be considered some sort of pop culture reference. This could be from a cartoon, a TV series, a reality show, a movie, or even a musical selection. For this first portion of the discussion post, describe what this pop culture reference is showing, in as much detail as possible (what is going on, what type of courtroom procedure, what actors are shown/represented, etc.). Spend at least a paragraph describing this courtroom portrayal. Then, please also post a link to the pop culture representation that you have found so that others may look at it. Compare what you have read about courtroom operations to your pop culture representation. What seems overblown or inaccurate? What is omitted or left out? Be as critical as possible with respect to identifying how the pop culture portrayal is either a good or bad match for the descriptions in your textbook. Finally, think about how these pop culture portrayals have framed our current understanding of the American court system. If someone were to only see that pop culture representation, what are they likely to believe about the existing court system and the way it works?

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Probation and Parole Response

In a two-page essay, explain probation and parole. In your response, you should include the information listed below. Identify both concepts. Provide one advantage and one disadvantage of each. Explain how remote location monitoring can assist probation and parole agencies. Cite and reference (in APA format) at least two sources

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