Contemporary Behavior Therapy Critical Review

This assignment is a critical review of chapter 8 from book: Spiegler M.D (2016): Contemporary Behavior Therapy (6th ed). Wadsworth/Centage: belmont, CA 1_ How Reinforcement therapy is used to accelerate adaptive and desirable behaviors? 2_What is differential reinforcement? 3_Describe variants of differential reinforcement? 4_Three cirscumstances   differential reinforcement does not reduce maladaptive behaviors fast enough? 5_Describe punishment and two processed punishment decelerates undesirable or maladaptive behaviors including negative punishment and extinction. 6_How to extinguish temper tantrum using extinction and describe potential problems (limitations) with extinction. Provide examples. 7_How time out from positive reinforcement  works? 8_ What is response cost and and its effectiveness to treat problems of inattention. List advantages of of response cost 9_ Describe what is physically aversive consequences including electric shock to reduce self-injurious behaviors and how it is justified by a cost benefit analysis 10_ List potentially negative side effects of physically aversive consequences 11_Guidelines for the effective use of punishment 12_Define aversion therapy and its basic procedures 13_ What is recommended to ensure successful treatment? 14_Explain deceleration behavior Therapies for Addictive behaviors 15_Ethical issues in the use of aversive therapies and principles of utility 16_Describe potential misuse, abuse and safeguards 17-Guidelines to promote the ethical use of aversive procedures?

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