Concepts in Public Management

The book is Organization Theory and Public Management by Jonathan R. Tompkins. The chapter needed to answer these questions is attached. SHORT ANSWER QUESTIONS   Topic A            Government as a “Business”   1. Identify three (3) basic differences between private and public management practices, and consequently the political influence(s) of the actions of public managers. 2. What actions provide the private sector manager greater flexibility to meet organizational goals and objectives than the public manager? 3. Describe the goals and objectives of the National Performance Review that was initiated by the Clinton administration and what document sparked the movement in the 1990’s.   Topic B.           Accountability               1.   In you view, consider the factors that make it difficult to hold public managers accountable for the performance of the agency that they are responsible.               2    Why are public goals (policies) often difficult to implement?               3.   Is the following statement credible?  A psychology of failure occurs when managers lower their expectations, abandon any sense of vision and ridicule those who retain ambitious goals.   Topic C.           Generic Management Models               1.     Tompkins lists thirteen (13) elements of a general management model under Exhibit 2.1 that limit the applicability of generic or business management models to government agencies.  Select and comment on two (2) of the elements that you think most limit a government agency’s attainment of the management effectiveness of a private organization.                2.    Explain other elements that than those that you might have chosen that might have also had an impact of your primary selections.                   3.     Identify characteristics of public organizations that differ from themselves and point out the major difference.

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