Company Case Study Report

I chose the company Johnson & Johnson. Part 1 Write A Report With the Following Guidelines 3-5 page report of their company and its strategic situation.  The report will be in APA format, use a minimum of 3 credible sources (each source must be cited in-text within the paper as well as listed at the end). neither a cover sheet  nor an abstract is required.  A great source of information on this report, in addition to the information below, is the class textbook and pages 528-533  (Rothaermel, 4th ed.) which provides tips on doing case analysis.  Additionally, write the report with the following headers: Company Name and Industry: Mission statement: (direct quote expected) Vision statement: (if available and as direct quote) Basic facts: Year of founding, annual revenues, number of employees, major products and/or services Company Background: this portion will be the beginning of the company’s narrative, as told in the student’s own words.  Quotes may be sparingly used, paraphrasing should be the norm.  The background should go back at least 5 -10 years, but be aware longer time frames may be relevant. especially for long-standing, “brick and mortar” businesses (WalMart, Target, IBM, etc.).  Part 2 Your Report Should Also Include: A Qualitative Analysis  Students should include in the narrative any relevant PESTEL external factors that appear in the research as impacting the company as well as internal competencies under VRIO framework and make note of them for the reader.   Major Strategic Issues and Challenges:  This is the second part of the narrative that zeroes in on struggles for the company and its leadership.   Issues could come from PESTEL-related factors or ones internal to the company (alleged corruption, sexual harassment scandals, lack of innovation, etc.).  (I have already done this part but may need some rewriting because the professor says I missed some things.) Part 3 For this portion of the Case Study, you will download at least 3 selected years of financial data from your selected company.  You will use this data to perform an executive-level review and analysis of the company’s status. Students will upload for this assignment an Excel workbook with the financial data formatted for ease of viewing and indicate via cell color or other formatting techniques those financial indicators and/or trends of interest to the company’s strategic challenges.  Indicators could be in the areas of financing such as leverage, inventory, operational costs, or marketing-related such as declines in sales, etc.  (I have downloaded these sheets already and can email them to you.)   Students will also include a 1-2 page Word document summarizing briefly their initial findings from the previous “historical and current challenges assignment”,  then explain the key findings from this financial review and make sure to reference specific evidence from the Excel document you will be uploading. For This Assignment Students will upload a final report to be comprised of both a qualitative narrative of the company’s strategic challenges as well as the quantitative financial data as evidence that supports their narrative’s claims.  Though most of the content of this report will have been developed over the semester, this part of the assignment will now include the student’s recommendations of possible courses of action that the company should take to address their strategic challenges.  The recommendations should be informed after thoughtful consideration of subject matter from the course textbook as well as insights gleaned from your own research. Also, students will be expected to have improved on any issues in their prior submissions, whether from their own reflections or as indicated in prior feedback from the instructor. Final Report Formatting Guidelines:  The final report should be at least 7 pages in length but should be no more than 10 pages total including cover page, abstract, body, references page, and any appendices.  Students should incorporate financial data into their Word document as embedded tables and charts; more detailed information can be included at the end as appendices.

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