Community Issues Address

1. Identify one problem in your local community. It can be a pothole near your home, a streetlight that went out, gang activity, bad school for your kid/s attend, etc. You decide which problem you would like to address. 2. Identify the appropriate local elected official (LA Mayor, LA City Council Person, LA School Board Member, LA County Supervisor, etc.) responsible for addressing the problem. 3. Write a short – no more than one page – handwritten letter to your elected official describing the problem and requesting a speedy remedy. 4. Do not disclose you are writing the letter as a class project. Identify yourself simply with your name and as a resident of the community. Do not mention if you are a foreign student, citizen or your legal status. They are responsible for helping you regardless. 5. Write a 500 – 600 word post explaining (This is due 9/6/2020): a. why you picked this problem (1 point), b. how did you identify the elected official responsible for remedying it (1 point), c. what is your ideal remedy (1 point), and d. take a good picture of your handwritten letter (use your phone if you do not have a scanner) and upload it with your post as an attachment (2 points).

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