[SOLVED] Communications Studies

I just need a reply for this answer: When is it appropriate to touch a stranger and what are situations that you have been touched by a stranger and it is NOT appropriate? Considering the six types of touch, it seems that two are the most appropriate for strangers. The first being functional-professional touch. This is defined through teachers and students, or doctors and patients (164). I say this because this type of touch is only used professionally and if it were an example of a doctor and a new patient, this type would be used. Another one would be social-polite touch. This is based on social norms and expectations. It’s expressed through a handshake or a light kiss on the cheek when greeting a person (164). When you meet a new person, it’s a cultural norm to give them a handshake; therefore, this is an appropriate greeting when meeting someone new. Otherwise, it’s not really appropriate to touch strangers unless there has been a social cue conveying that it is alright to do so. From personal experience, there was a time where a guy at this club was holding on to my waist. I didn’t know him at all and my friend took me away from him. The waist was too intimate of a place to be touched. I was very uncomfortable since the guy randomly did it. He didn’t need to touch me if he wanted my attention. Chapter 9- How is technology affecting the way we handle conflict online? How should we handle conflict electronically? Although technology is great for communicating with relatives, friends, and others who are from a distance from you, there are many factors that can create conflict between parties. Someone could misread the comment, be triggered by a comment, or assume the tone—all in which contribute to creating misunderstandings. Considering these factors, one should not handle conflict online at all to avoid miscommunication. People are more susceptible to attacking online than in person. It’s also stated that since a person is unable to see or hear a person’s nonverbal reactions, they aren’t as aware to how harmful their words can be (190). It’s better to talk about the conflict in person, but if that’s not possible, a phone call is another way. If online is the only way to handle a conflict its important for the parties involved to reread the comment before responding, assume the best and prepare for the worst, seek another opinion, choose whether or not to participate, and lastly, communicating with empathy to find a compromise (190). I only need 100 words for the answer. 100 words for the whole thing.

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[SOLUTION] Crash by Paul Haggis

AssignmentView the film Crash by Paul Haggis. Amazon Prime members may watch for free. For more detailed information on the movie, check out the IMDB link here.Some areas to focus on are:Identifying non-verbal communicationLanguage, pronunciation, accents, etc.Relational messagesPerception (your own and others)Impact of listeningConflict managementCommunication climate(s)Other questions to ask yourself before and after watching this film:What impact does race and gender have on individual and relational communication?What type of language (or other characteristics) helped or harmed interpersonal relationships?You are asked to write a paper addressing the questions above, along with the impact(s) of interpersonal communication.  You may note the influence of emotions, cultural backgrounds, and any other aspects discussed in class discussions or from your text.Sample submissionI am not looking for a summary of the film.  I am looking for specific behaviors that define terms from your text.  For example, I can say:”In the film Officer Ryan pulled over Cameron and Christine.  As he was interrogating the couple he was demonstrating mindless listening as he ignored any responses the two provided.  Officer Ryan then violated Christine physically by abusing his power and positions as a police officer.  This abuse of power reinforced a negative stereotype that police are racist. The discriminatory behavior also reinforced her perception that she would receive fair treatment from a law enforcement officer. At the same time, Officer Hanson was sympathetic to her position, he demonstrated sympathy by encouraging his partner to stand down.  Ultimately, Officer Hanson was unable to intervene in the situation as he was helpless in this power dynamic. Officer Ryan had seniority and rank over Officer Hanson and out of fear of retaliation, Hanson was not able to stop the abusive behavior.Technical requirementsArial, 12 pt fontFULL APA (student edition)APA style (see APA Information)1″ marginsTitle pageReference pageShould include film and textDouble spaced 4 1/2 pages maxDirect connection with interpersonal concepts and specific scenes/actions from filmText terms should be in boldMinimum of 8 terms (C grade)Average terms for A papers is 15 termsGrading2-2 1/2 pages = 70% maxGrammar/spelling OKMinimal or no adaptation of concepts/terms from book2 1/2 – 3 pages = 71-89%Grammar/spelling OK to goodSome adaptation of concepts/terms from book4 pages = 90%Grammar/spelling good to excellentSeveral adaptations of concepts/terms from bookOnly the first submission is accepted without penalty, any additional submissions will receive a 20% deduction.

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[SOLUTION] Understanding Movies

Film #5 Final Essay: Narrative Structure and Character DevelopmentChoice #1 Amazon Prime                    Choice #2 Netflix           Roman Holiday (1953)                    The Theory of Everything (2014)directed by William Wyler                    directed by James Marsh118 minutes (romantic comedy)                123 minutes (biography/drama)Choice #3 Amazon Prime                    Choice #4 NetflixThe Farewell (2019)                        Shutter Island (2010)directed by Lulu Wang                    directed by Martin Scorsese99 minutes (comedy/drama)                    138 minutes (thriller/mystery)This essay should focus on the idea of narrative structure and/or character development.DO NOT try to answer all of these. These are prompts to help you if you are stuck and need a direction for your paper.How does the protagonist and/or those around them change over time? Is there external and internal progression as a character or regression?  How so?What is the narrative space like and why is that important? Are there specific devices (for example things like parallel plots, a narrative frame, first person or third person narration) utilized?Remember the papers should be a minimum of three full pages in length, typed, and double spaced with 12 size font Arial or Times New Roman and must provide a thesis statement or focus in the introduction.Please email me the digital copy by midnight on the due date. Each day the paper is late there will be a letter grade marked off as final grades are due to the registrar the following week. Make sure to provide clear examples within the film to support your ideas and link them to the larger themes/ideas within the film whenever possible. Avoid the first-person subjective point of view in your writing as well (omitting statements that include I, me, or my). I will also take off a letter grade for excessive spelling and grammatical errors.

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[SOLUTION] Science Communication

You will choose a science communication topic and put together a recorded presentation for scientists or science communicators. The purpose of the video is to communicate the science of science communication (aka the research).5-6 pages, the content should do the following:1. Introduce a theory, concept, or relationship from science communication literature (for example, the relationship between knowledge and attitudes; framing; or the deficit model vs public engagement).2. Go over existing research on the topic. You must use scholarly sources such as journal articles and textbooks.3. Explain how the research connects to practice and what science communicators can learn from the research.

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[SOLUTION] Communication Technology

The final project is no longer a group project. Instead, it is now an individual-based project. The current final project has only one component: A 4–5-page paper (excluding the title page and references).Your goal is to 1) use technology creatively to 2) do something prosocial or good for society and 3) to convince “investors” that your technology is a good idea. If you are struggling to think how your idea is beneficial to society as a whole (not individuals, companies, etc.), then it is not appropriate for this assignment.More specifically, you will come up with a new use of communication technology to benefit society. This project should NOT just be a report on how existing technology is used to benefit people. You must creatively apply existing technology in a new way or propose a new technology based on feasible advancements. If you have questions about whether or not your idea is appropriate for this assignment, please ask me.You will write a paper that fully explains your ideas.Idea BrainstormingHere are some different ways to start brainstorming:Think of broad social issues that need addressing. We don’t live in a utopian world; what’s wrong with society? What problems do we need to fix? What inequalities or injustices do you see? What fires you up?Think of an audience or group of people that could use help and reasonably benefit from a technological approach. For example, Paro is a stuffed animal/robot that has been used to provide comfort for elderly patients with dementia. There are several competitions for video games devoted to positive social change in a variety of areas, such as water conservation, responsible financial behavior, or protecting your privacy online.Think of as many technologies as you possibly can. Think creatively beyond just websites, apps, and social media.Good ideas have manageable and creative uses of technology; a clear yet creative goal; and a clear target (i.e., who it is you will help). Hint: “I’m going to teach the world by making a Facebook page about X” is not a good idea by any of these parameters.PaperThe final paper will be due for ALL by 2am April 29th. For those graduating this spring, I need to post your final grades by April 30th so please make sure to submit your final paper on time.The paper will be approximately 4-5 pages (a little longer or shorter is fine) and cover: 1) evidence that your chosen focus is a social problem that needs addressing, 2) a description of your technology, and 3) evidence that your technology will be effective at helping the social problem. This last section should discuss affordances of your technology and theories that can contribute to our understanding of your technology’s impact.This paper should be written in APA format with APA-style citations. You must include no fewer than 5 peer-reviewed journal articles outside of course readings.A potential outline for the paper may be: Introduction, Focus Area & Target Audience, Technological Means, Theoretical Reasoning (keep in mind this should apply to your tech choice as well as the approach in your content), Anticipated Outcomes, and Conclusion. Remember to justify your arguments with scientific research, not crap by some self-proclaimed technological “guru,” “wizard,” “ninja,” or “expert.” Note that 90% of the time, a website is not an appropriate source for justifying your arguments. Use credible, scientific sources (e.g., peer-reviewed journal articles).GradingYour final paper is worth 90 points.Generally, the project will be graded on the following: effective use of appropriate technologies, accurate information presented in an appropriate manner, appropriate theory application, quality of submitted final paper, and creativity.READ THIS CAREFULLY: If you want a more specific break-down of how letter grades will be assigned, consider the grading criteria below. Please note, you must meet all of the requirements listed below to earn that particular letter grade. So, a grade of “A” is not possible if your work has multiple errors such as typos or grammar mistakes. This is meant to be a challenging project. You must go above and beyond expectations to earn an “A”.A: All work is outstanding. Work is rich, creatively presented, well-structured, and error- free (or close to it). Content of presentation is accurate, on topic, presented in a professional and highly engaging fashion, and provides genuine enlightenment to the audience. Work reveals a deep understanding of the content of the course as well as the ability to work with concepts beyond the level of simply regurgitating facts and definitions. Overall, work demonstrates a solid grasp of all content and a high level of ability for creative, integrative, or intellectually rigorous application of the material.B: All work is of high quality. Work is clear, well-structured, and largely error-free. (Grades of A and B are not possible for work that does not demonstrate mastery of basic writing skills including spelling, grammar, organization, and logic). Work conforms to all required elements, as well as maintaining the audience’s attention and interest. Content demonstrates a thorough understanding of all elements of the course. Overall, work demonstrates a solid grasp of all content, and some ability for creative, integrative, or intellectually rigorous application of the material.C: All work is of acceptable, average quality. Work is on topic, responds to the requirements of the assignment, and is not rife with errors. A grade of C is not possible for work that demonstrates significant departure from basic writing skills (spelling, grammar, etc.) Work addresses the requirements of the assignment and includes some elements of good style and structure. Content demonstrates a basic understanding of most elements of the course. Overall, work demonstrates a reasonable grasp of all content, but limited ability for creative, integrative, or intellectually rigorous application of the material.D: Some work is of unacceptable quality. Work addresses the topic in a broad sense, but misses some key points or contains an unacceptable level of errors. Work addresses the assignment at a basic level, but lacks fundamental elements of professional presentation, structure, or organization. Content reveals some key areas of the course material in which knowledge is lacking. Overall, work demonstrates a weak grasp of content and little ability for creative, integrative, or intellectually rigorous application of the material.E: A majority of the work is of unacceptable quality. Work fails to meet the basic requirements of the assignment, lacks basic elements of professional presentation, or is otherwise unresponsive to instructions. Errors are probably frequent. Content reveals a widespread lack of knowledge. Overall, work demonstrates little grasp of the material.*These grading criteria were adapted from materials provided by the University of Arizona Department of Communication and from Dr. Jesse Fox’s course materials.

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[SOLUTION] Black People in Communication and Advertising


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[SOLUTION] Product Selection

Choose a product you’ve seen several individuals use that you think says something about who they are as people. You can also choose a product or brand you use that you think says something about you. Guidelines for Submission: Your short paper must be submitted as a Microsoft Word document and should not be more than 1 page in length. Use double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins. Any sources should be cited using a discipline-appropriate citation method.

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[SOLUTION] Standard PR Campaign

For this assignment you will create a standard PR campaign based off of any public figure and or crisis that has happened, past or present. I want you to detail out a plan how to polish their tarnished image and walk through the steps of what it takes to achieve this from beginning to end. Use examples & citations from the book and other sources as well. (Sources can be based off of an PR practitioner’s management of a campaign as well) I’d like to see evidence.Be sure to include:           GraphicsPhotosChartsRequirements:Credible citations7-8 photosPresent in PowerPointAt least 10 slides (not including cover & reference slide)

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[SOLUTION] Osaka Japan

Just a 2 page research paper on everything there is to Osaka japan

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[SOLUTION] Network Analysis

With your small group, develop a study where you would use network analysis to understand an organizational problem. Keep in mind that you do not have to conduct the study, but you should develop a plan for how you would go about it, if you were to conduct the study. Your plan should answer the questions listed:What is your research question? (What problem are you trying to learn more about?)Why is a network study a good method for learning about this question?What tools will you use to gather your network data?What will the resulting network reflect? (What is the definition of a tie in your network?)What are the possible outcomes you expect to find? (Hypothesize what the map might look like, what does it mean?Here are some readings related to the topic but do not use examples from the articles below. You should find another example use network analysis to understand an organizational problem.Cross, R., Borgatti, S., and Parker, A. (2002). “Making Invisible Work Visible: Using Social Network Analysis to Support Strategic Collaboration.” California Management Review, Vol. 44, No. 2, pp. 25–46 (full article)Hanneman, R., and Riddle, M. (2005). Introduction to Social Network Methods (PDF). Riverside, CA: University of California, RiversideRead Chapters 1–3; Skim chapters 7–11, paying special attention to network measure definitions.Ibarra, H., and Hunter, M. (2007). “How Leaders Create and Use Networks.” Harvard Business Review, pp.1–9 (full article)Leonardi, P., & Contractor, N. (2018). Better People Analytics: Measure Who They Know, Not Just Who They Are. Harvard Business Review.McDonald, S., Lin, N., & Ao, D. (2009). Networks of opportunity: gender, race, and job leads. Social Problems, 56(3), 385-402. doi: 10.1525/sp.2009.56.3.385

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