Children and Adolescent Behavior Movie Review

You will write a 2-3 page movie review that focuses on a movie that has an example of a cultural battle for the hearts and minds of todays children and adolescent (this should include some of the factors discussed in the course rationale such as etiological factors surrounding strong-willed, aggressive and violent behaviors in children and adolescents. Use the following format when completing your Movie Reviews – include the headings below (in current APA format) in each of your reviews. The Review?  • Give your impression of the movie with a brief plot summary (1 to 2 paragraphs). Resist the urge to retell the entire plot.  • Share the scenes that had the greatest impact on your thinking and that relate to the course content. • What aspects should viewers look for if they have not seen the movie? • What themes/scenes do you feel warrant further reflection and why??  Therapeutic Implications: • Identify and explain scenes that have value for use in the therapeutic process. • Explain emotional/cognitive/relational/spiritual connections relevant to therapy. Be sure to include biblical integration. • Provides adequate rationale for chosen scenes. ?  • Incorporate at least 2 APA formatted citations of course materials or scholarly research pertaining to the topic.  Personal Implications: ?  • How did you connect with the movie on a personal level???  • How did it confirm or challenge some of your perceptions of the factors involved in strong willed, aggressive, and violent behaviors of children and adolescents???  • How will what you viewed and evaluated personally impact your delivery of therapeutic services? • Were there any scenes that you strongly agreed/disagreed with on a personal level and why?

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