Business Ethics Case

Maximum of 1 page answer only List all possible Stakeholder groups (be specific in identifying each group) for these companies a. McDonald’s Corp. b. Google (Alphabet) Maximum of 1 page answer only FACEBOOK is a global force counting users in the billions. There has been a lot of criticism of FB with regard to the content on it. Critics say that some content is misleading, even false, and that other content is (potentially) harmful to society. Facebook claims that the company is trying its best but the volume of content is a lot; everyday millions (if not a billion) messages are posted daily and it is not possible to monitor and pull out undesirable content. Further, many social media companies claim that they are merely platforms where users can exercise their first amendment rights of free speech. Comment on the issue regarding FACEBOOK. Specifically, do you think content on FB should be regulated? Provide reasons for why or why not. Further, should FB be responsible for monitoring content on its platform or should a governmental agency do it (much like FCC for TV and movie content). Maximum of 1 page only. List all possible Stakeholder groups (be specific in identifying each group) for these companies. a. AMAZON and WALMART b. Briefly compare their business models. Considering that they are direct competitors (in many products), how are their models similar and how are they different? c. How does the difference in business models affect stakeholder groups (if at all)? Maximum of two-page report only.The issue repeatedly arises in the US economy if a particular corporation has become so big that the government (society) mandates that it be broken. For instance, Microsoft faced this issue some years back, and AT&T (then a monopoly and called Ma Bell) was, in fact, legally required to break up (geographically, into ‘baby Bells’). At present time, the giant corporations are “tech”. This assignment requires you to examine one of the biggest of them – Amazon and discuss if it should be required to break up. Your report should include: a. Brief description of Amazon, including its divisions/product lines, markets served, revenues (2019) and valuation (most recent). You can get information for the first two from the company website and for the latter two from b. A list of companies acquired by Amazon (along with what industry /products each is related to) c. Your argument for why Amazon should or should not be required by the government to break up. Your arguments should related to ethical issues discussed in the book such as impact on consumers, worker rights, profit motive/social good, stakeholder impact etc.

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