Book Review Paper

Book reviews do not just summarize the plot of a novel. They attempt to explain the importance of the work, its literary quality, and/or explain its meaning. They can participate in interpretation, they always use close reading, but they are also allowed a subjective, rather than objective thesis. This means, the author gets to have an opinion about the work, particularly pertaining to whether to book is “good” or “bad” or somewhere in between. For this assignment, you will choose ONE of the questions below to guide your book review: What is the meaning of The Alchemist? Why is The Alchemist an important book?   But you must also, in your review, answer this question: Is the book good or bad and why?   Essentially, readers of reviews are looking to know whether or not they want to read the book, so your review should not only give them insight into the major themes of the book but also its overall quality and worth WITHOUT spoiling the plot. No spoilers, please!   Requirements: At least three references to specific parts of the novel either through summary or direct quotation. A persuasive argument about the quality/value of the book. Reference to at least one other book review that either agrees or disagrees with your own review. Use of at least two literary terms you’ve learned so far that help you discuss the novel or film. APA format, including: Title page Header with running head and page number Times New Roman, 12 pt. font 1 inch margins Double spaced 800-1200 words (approximately 3-4 pages, not including title page, A references page

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