Basics of Pop Culture

Choose one of the following 3 choices for the essay (I will attach in-depth instructions as well as the rubric): 1. Compare and contrast two companies – in your perspective, which one is effective in selling and marketing their product or service? Observe their advertising campaign, and highlight the methods used to persuade consumers. Make an argument for the company that maintains customer loyalty better? Offer your assessment as to why X company is good and why Z company is not. You can also show strengths and weaknesses of both. 2. Explore how gender, race, and social-economic class are portrayed in advertisement campaign for one entity. Students can choose one lens – gender, race, or class – and use it as a lens to explore the messaging behind a product, service, or company. 3. Consumerism: Does what and how much stuff we consume say something about us as citizens? Does what we buy give us a label? What’s a need? What’s a want? Have we ever become a commodity by way of the things we wear, what we eat, what we drink, and what we drive?

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