Autobiography Reflection Paper

Reflection Paper Write an autobiography. Talk about yourself, your background, where you grew up, and how you grew up. What things were significant to you? What ideas were important? How would you define your personal values? Are they similar to the values of your family and/or friends? How rigid/flexible are they? How have your values changed/adapted/reinforced over time? What influences them? What would you like to get out of this course? Be sure to incorporate terms, ideas, and concepts from our reading and lectures up to this point. Cite sources. 1. Start with a creative title.  2. First paragraph should be a thesis statement where you introduce your topic; why you chose the topic (value); and how you will explore the topic (theory). 3. Within the paper, a) tell me about yourself or a specific intercultural experience; b) include IC terms, cite sources & define terms; c) discuss theory at work in your life or intercultural experience. 4. End with a conclusion section (what, why, how, and lessons learned). 5. 5 – 6 pages text; include reference page. 6. 6 references7. APA format

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