Attitudes on Online Learning Research

The main purpose of the assessment is to test the following academic skills: communicating information, ideals and opinions clearly and effectively with appropriate details to suit the purpose select and use the appropriate resources and references to convey clear meaning and own viewpoints and establish cohesion use the appropriate format, structure, correct spelling and grammar. Question Educational Institutions have been forced to implement technology enhanced learning using online platform to continue classes due to the sudden outbreak of Covid-19 in 2020. You are working for a private college and need to conduct a research on the attitude of potential learners towards online learning. Talk to your friends and colleagues and using resources / articles you have read, write a summary on their views of the opportunities and challenges of engaging with online learning. Provide your own recommendations to the private college on how to effectively engage students during online classes. You need to at least use two sources with proper references in your report. Sources: (Below sources may be a starting point, you may search other relevant resources / articles) Office for National Statics (20 July 2020). Parenting in Lockdown: Corovirus and the effects on work-life balance (online). Available here (Accessed 13.08.2020) The World Bank (22 June 2020). Lessons for Education During the Covid-19 Crisis (online). Available here (Accessed 13.08.2020) Feldman, P (2020) Barriers to online learning must be removed to tackle Covid-19 crisis, JISC, (online). Available here (Accessed 13.08.2020) Your report should include Introduction of the purpose What is online learning What are the opportunities / challenges of online learning Your recommendations to the college Conclusion Guidance Notes: Apply all the academic writing skills you have studied during your lecturers Use academic structure of Introduction, Main Body, Conclusion and References. Use citations and references. Do not copy and paste do more paraphrasing.

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