[SOLVED] Observation of Video

A Student-Centered Model of Blended Learning (6 minutes) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrR-KIoggf4 Observation : Talk about the interactions between individual students and the teacher in the teaching process and in interpersonal interactions. Look at levels of comfort and warmth, tone of voice, body posture, etc. Is the teacher’s method conducive to each individual student’s needs and abilities? (You may need to really look to perceive this information in the videos.)

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[SOLVED] Three Act Structure

1. Your act needs to be clearly labeled and identified. In this section, you’ll need to write a brief description of the characters (as you’ve decided to imagine them or as they are if they already exist) and the world they live in (again, imagined or existent). Also, you’ll need to create and label an “inciting incident” and “turning point,”. 2. Create and label your second act as discussed in the audio lecture. Your act needs to be clearly labeled and identified. In this section, you’ll create and label your confrontation, giving at least a paragraph describing that confrontation. You’ll also create and label two “minor details,” or things that happen as the characters you’ve created deal with the confrontation. 3. Create and label your third act. Your act needs to be clearly labeled and identified. In this section, you’ll write a least a paragraph describing how the the story you’ve created throughout your first two acts ends.

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[SOLVED] Watch the Provided Videos

I have provided you with two videos below. Your task is to watch the provided videos, create 10 questions and answers, and submit for grading. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=-Yqk5cHXsko&feature=emb_title https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=SnxfV3iG9iQ&feature=emb_title

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[SOLVED] Hedging Strategies Assignment

     Summarize the options available to Nodal. ·      What strategy would you select for Nodal and why? ·      Summarize your selected company’s hedging strategy. ·      Is the company/industry you selected reducing future risk or creating additional business risk?

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[SOLVED] Aviation Security Powerpoint

Pick 2 to 3 topics that you studied which were new and interesting to you about Aviation Security, and prepare a 10-slide PowerPoint presentation.  You should submit 10-slides of content. I do not consider cover slides or reference slides to be part of the 10-slide requirement.  Be sure to answer the following questions. 1. What are the new topics that you learned during this class? 2. Why are these topics important in the context of aviation security? 3. What are the consequences of these topics? 4. Who are the entities responsible for dealing with these topics? You have a lot of creative freedom in putting this PowerPoint presentation together, but realize that sometimes less is more. In addition to content which has a logical flow, you’ll be graded on the professionalism of the presentation. ‘Professionalism’ in the context of this assignment means that the presentation is free from distracting elements that do not add value.  For instance, avoid colored backgrounds, overly artistic design elements, complex animations and slide transitions, low-resolution photographs or other graphical elements, ‘fun’ fonts, etc.  These do not impress anyone and only distract from the message that you are trying to convey.

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[SOLVED] Discussion Assignment Prompt:

The concept of “implicit bias” has been studied by Harvard psychologists since the 1990s. For this discussion assignment, go to this page https://implicit.harvard.edu/implicit/selectatest.html. (Links to an external site.) and take either the Race IAT or the Gender-Career IAT. Once you have completed the test, go to this page (Links to an external site.) to read about how the test works and what the researchers mean by implicit bias. In your discussion post, you should do three things: 1) Explain your results, being sure to show your understanding of the concept of implicit bias and how the test works. 2) Reflect on your results – what do they tell you about yourself? What do they tell you about the society in which you live? 3) Connect your results to a concept or idea explored in this module.

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[SOLVED] Enhance Images

1. Learning how to enhance images while preparing accurate, court-admissible photographs takes practice. This week, you will use Camera RAW photos. You should primarily use techniques contained within the Week 3 Practical Exercise folder. However, you may choose to apply additional techniques you previously learned in this class. Directions: Using the 15 images within the Camera RAW Lab Photos folder, edit each to be a fair and accurate representation of the scene while using valid and repeatable methods in Photoshop. Based on your discretion, edit the photographs to make them better quality. Then, fill in the boxes below with the original image, enhanced image, overall steps you took to enhance the image, and the justification for why you chose those edits/why they were necessary. (4 points (per enhanced photo), 1 points (steps to enhance), and 1 points (justification)) Finally, answer the questions below. See each individual question for allocated point values. Note: You may need to compress the final images in order to submit the assignment

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[SOLVED] Work in Alaska

Hello Sir, Madam This is not a regular task. It is real research case for myself (HKSAR Passport) that I would like to go Alaska and work as Crab fisherman for few seasons max. Many news reported it is high death rate job but also it comes with high revenue. My mind is ready to go. However, I do feel confuse about several issues, eg: Visa, Legality, License, Permission, Certificate, Health declaration form etc. (And something I haven’t thought about) Thus, I really need very clear and simply instruction, teach me how to step by step to apply in the very beginning, also til got a job in Alaska (or get a job before I flight?). Indicate me everything of the process of the flow. The extra bonus is found me an employer. Overall, you might consider you are job/immigrate/tourist agent to help me out. You are free to use any format to present. Thanks so much, my life guide.

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[SOLVED] Revelation Chapter 21 – 1:8

My major paper is about Revelation chapter 21 – 1:8 from the Bible

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[SOLVED] Safety Training Manual

Instructions: Write a 5 page, double-spaced safety training manual for a retail organization. Please include clear headings and a reference list of at least four sources. You should have full and complete paragraphs. Do not simply use bullet points or outlines. This will not suffice. I expect full discussions and evidence of classroom content mastery. Submission Instructions: This assignment must be submitted as a Word document attachment only. All other attachments will be graded as a zero.

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