Art History Comparison

Compare the Seated Woman of Çatalhöyük to the Woman from Willendorf (Paleolithic Period).  How do these two works illustrate the differences between societies in the Paleolithic and Neolithic periods?  What do scholars believe the Seated Woman indicates about the possible status of women at Çatalhöyük? Please reference the BBC article in your answer. Next, turn your attention to the supplementary reading from Discover Magazine.  Why have the recently concluded excavations at Çatalhöyük led some to describe it as a “utopian” society?  How is this suggested by the built environment the architects of Çatalhöyük constructed?  How does their architecture reflect their social order? Finally, briefly discuss the burial practices at Çatalhöyük (your textbook and lecture will help here).  How do these practices compare to the approach to burying the dead at Stonehenge? Discover article: What Happened to Turkey’s Ancient Utopia?  (Links to an external site.) BBC article: Catalhöyük: an example of true gender equality?  (Links to an external site.) OPTIONAL: What Lies Beneath Stonehenge?  (Links to an external site.)

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