Arctic Policy Recommendation

-Answer the prompt in a 5-6 page memo, 12 font, double-spaced.  -Graded on your analysis and how you support your recommendations, not the positions you take.  -Memo should include a very short background section and an analysis section, and it should end with policy recommendations.   -No need for deep background on Arctic or Environmental issues but there should be introductory mention.  (Prompt’s “boss” is already familiar and up-to-date with goings on of global environmental issues but needs help with Arctic) -Not an essay but can be an essay format, a general policy memo, or even a letter to the “boss”. -Cite sources in APA format -No cover page necessary -Topic prompt is below:   Prompt:  Your boss, the director of a highly-esteemed international environmental governance think tank, is preparing for an Arctic conference at which she’ll be asked to present your organization’s vision of the future of the Arctic. She has asked you to craft a concise memo on the issue of Arctic governance to help her prepare for her presentation. Specifically, she would like you to address the following questions in the memo: 1.What is the status quo in Arctic governance? 2. Do any governance alternatives exist, and how feasible are they? 3. Which stakeholders should be incorporated into governance, and why?  4. On which levels of governance should we focus our engagement (community, region, nation, international), and why? 5. What environmental, security, economic, and social challenges (and opportunities?) are we facing in the Arctic going forward? 6. What final recommendations for improved Arctic governance should your organization make?   -Source a number of times from “Marine Policy by Mark Zacharias and Jeff Ardron”.  Especially chapters 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 -Source ideas from:   Touch on matters such as:  -the use of MPA’s, MMA’s (marine managed areas), difficulty with ABNJ’s (areas beyond national jurisdiction) -Coast zone management -ensure continued voting presence of indigenous communities and strengthen their ability to control. -Opportunities for a green (“blue”) economy buit on sustainable energy -Fishing regulations -Shipping regulations -Tourism  -For fishing, shipping and tourism : special licensing required , no “flag ship” schemes, must be registered with an overseeing arctic body

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