Applications of Neuroscience

Introduction This week’s resources emphasize the importance of understanding findings from neuroscience research as they apply to adult learning and education. Brain research and the emerging field of Mind-Brain Education Science has demonstrated a link between neuroscience and the core principles of andragogy. The following three meta-findings from neuroscience lay the foundation of andragogy: Adults can learn throughout life. Emotions play a critical role in learning. Learning occurs by connecting new knowledge to existing knowledge. Additionally, there is support from research for the six core principles of andragogy. Understanding these findings can help educators set the climate for adult learning. Initial Post Instructions 1A. First review the following resources then discuss what you learned regarding the brain and its implications for education that you did not already know (be specific about the principles of andragogy). The Neuroscience of Learning (3 min Video) Interview with Educational Neuroscientist Dr. Jared Horvath: Care to Learn (31 min Podcast) We Knew It All Along: Using Cognitive Science to Explain How Andragogy Works (Article) 2A. Next review the following resources and discuss how this information changes the way you conceptualize learning. Brain-Based Teaching in the Digital Age (Online Textbook) Effect of Brain Based Learning on Academic Achievement (Article) Neural Mechanisms Underlying School-Based Learning (Article) Mind, Brain, and Education in the Digital Era (Article) 3A. Finally, provide suggestions on how to set up a learning climate that is positive and facilitates growth and change based on what neuroscience tells us about how to structure an optimal environment for learning as an educator. Writing Requirements: Initial Post Length: minimum of 350 words Minimum of 2 outside resources (library resources, peer-reviewed, or web-based sources) Use APA format, with a corresponding references list for the initial post.

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