Apple Case Study

Case Study 1 is 6 or so full pages or 1500-2,000 words, exclusive of the cover page and reference list; contains at least 6 references, not counting the textbook; and is APA compliant, and is 10% of the course grade. This is a hybrid case analysis; lay out the evidence and draw a conclusion in answering each question. Your research will have to reach beyond the textbook in this case analysis. Don’t tell me your opinion; give evidence. Do not retype the discussion questions. Also, ident paragraphs, insert a single blank line between headings and double-space the narrative. MBA 575 Case Study 1 Analysis: Apple (Cover page) Introduction (Center, New Page; Start at Page Top) (Briefly summarize Apple and its major products (e.g., iPhone, MacBooks, App Store, iTunes, iTV, Apple+, etc.), its markets, and general customer demographics.) Apple’s Premium Pricing (Left-Margin heading) (Define premium pricing and the conditions necessary to maintain such a policy; analyze Apple’s premium pricing practices; describe Samsung’s direct competition to Apple’s premium pricing; draw a conclusion, based on the evidence, giving your reasoning.) Apple’s Supply Chain (Left-Margin heading) (Define a supply chain; generally, summarize characteristics and practices of a sustainable supply chain; generally, describe Apple’s supply chain including is practices, challenges, impact and how those challenges/problems were resolved or not; draw a conclusion, based on the evidence, giving your reasoning.) Summary (Left-Margin heading) (Give a brief 3-5 sentence recap of your answers to both questions.)

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