Inventions in Prehistory

I need a table or list of inventions in prehistory. I need a god source to make the citation in my cinetifica papper. something like:

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Remote Sensing Techniques Research

Visit NASA’s Earth Science Office Archaeological Remote Sensing site here: NASA’s Earth Science Office Archaeological Remote Sensing site  (Links to an external site.)   After viewing, select one location to investigate further, and write a short paper about the remote sensing technique(s) used and what was revealed.

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Historical Foundations of Race

Discussion of at least two specific issues or topics that were new, interesting, problematic. Explain your chosen topics. Discuss your own thoughts about them: Why do you think these topics stood out to you? Submit your paragraph using text entry, a file upload (any file but .pages), or a media recording.

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Research Question and Assumptions

Submit your Research Question and Assumptions via the Dropbox In this 3-page paper, you will describe where your research would take place, the central research question, and the epistemological, axiological, and ethical issues associated with this research. Research statement (3 pages): ? Present and describe a place that you are particularly familiar with (outside your home and workplace) where you would like to closely observe human behavior and interaction (ex: a gym). ? Identify some characteristics of the people who frequently use this place (ex: division of space and activities by gender/age/race/ethnicity; similarity or contrast in terms of what people do; clothing patterns; etc.) ? Identify and explain: ? The focus of your proposed research. Your research could, for example, explore the particular use of this place by different groups of people (ex: gender distinction in a gym) or people’s motivation to come to this place. ? One central question that will guide your research (ex: why do men and women tend to use different equipment and dress differently in a gym?) ? Discuss the potential epistemological, axiological, and ethical issues associated with conducting this research (Creswell, Chap. 2 and 3.

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Medical Anthropology

If you were an anthropologist, which theoretical approach would you use to learn more about the COVID19?  Briefly describe the theoretical approach  •1.Cultural-constructivist or Interpretive (Remember to describe briefly what this approach entails) •2.Ecological (evolutionary) (Remember to describe briefly what this approach entails) •3.Critical Medical Anthropology (Remember to describe briefly what this approach entails) •4.Applied Medical Anthro (Remember to describe briefly what this approach entails)

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Anthropology Research

Please Read the InstructionIt is to submit a qualitative research paper under the theme of’ Language and non-verbal difficulties experienced by migrant women when using Korean medical services’. It’s a subject.Also, there are assignments to make money and papers according to the course of that subject.There are two parts, Journal Entry and Assignment,For the Journal Entry, 1,2,3,4, were completed, and feedback was attached.Assaignment 1 and 2 were completed, and feedback was attached.So, For Journal Entry, you need to complete 5,6,7,8,Assaignment needs to be completed 3,4,5,6. (No. 5 is the final paper)The journal I have already submitted or the score is good, and the professor says that the subject is also good.

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interpretive anthropology

Compare Victor Turner to Clifford Geertz. What are the similiarties and differences between symbolic and interpretive anthropology? Upload your response in a word document. Be succinct but have at least two robust paragraphs.

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[SOLVED] The Complexity of Identity

Use the given articles and ask yourself this: How can I use the value of what was covered in the articles, with this year of Covid-19, economic and race problems to answer the Tatum question, Who am I?. Three paragraphs required.

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[SOLVED] Religion and Gender Construction

The topic I choose for this paper was the way religion plays into gender construct and norms. My professor mentioned to focus my paper around a question such as: “Why did Christian Europe begin to devalue the role of women in society during the early modern era?” or the topic of Amy Coney Barrett, who is a devout Catholic, as well as a high achieving women ascending to one of the most powerful position in the country (a Supreme Court justice) and what her religious views could mean for women’s rights.  In this paper I must discuss existing literature which pertains to the topic, as well as present my own ideas and feelings regarding the subject matter. Popular websites like Buzzfeed do not count as references. You MUST incorporate at least 5 outside sources such as scholarly articles and journals.

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[SOLVED] Commodity Analysis Paper

The commodity chain analysis paper considers the impact of the commodity in various ways. The paper should outline the commodity chain for a product as specifically as possible (try to identify particular commodities and not the generic commodity if possible). The paper should also consider, analytically, the consequences of production or consumption on cultural, economic or political globalization. The paper should be organized in sections, with a one to two-page section for each of the categories below: (a) detailed presentation of the commodity chain; (b) labor conditions under which the commodity is produced; (c) environmental consequences of the production process; (d) effects of the production process on people (health, status, etc) in relevant regions; (e) health effects associated with the consumption of the product; Your paper should be at least 8 – 10 pages, typed and double-spaced. It should be written in APA style; including a Cover Page, Abstract, 8-10 pages of text, and a works cited page. Final term papers are due on the final day of class (see schedule).

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