[SOLVED] Building Social Capital through Community Resilience

Provide a 8 pages analysis while answering the following question: Building Social Capital through Community Resilience. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. For instance, studies have documented that communities with the highest levels of poverty have been associated with the highest levels of illiteracy. When people fail to attend formal education, they lack means of sustaining themselves. Poverty makes such communities develop other mechanisms of earning a living since the formal way that is fostered by education is lacking. This is what makes most of them especially the youth to engage in alcoholism and other substance abuse. They lose hope in life and all that they care about is how they can remain on high by engaging in drugs.Due to desperation, they develop the urge to shun away from problems affecting them and resort to crime. They feel that the administration has shunned them away and engaging in crime and other antisocial behaviors act as the way out. Even in situations where such communities have resources they can utilize in order to make a living out of them, they lack means of exploiting such resources. The rich and the might consequently take advantage of such situations to deprive such communities what is rightfully theirs. For instance, they use such communities to vote for them and entice them by promising them on the way they would bring developments in the community if elected. Nevertheless, most of them disappear as soon as they become elected. They cannot allow the community to be enlightened because this means that the community would not accept any form of deceit from the politicians. The politicians like the poverty and other misfortunes of such communities in order to give them small tokens that they can use to convince them to vote for them.Mathbor (2007) argued that for any community to develop, it is critical to have social policies put in place to support the community. This is fostered by bringing in policies that are well in line with what the community need and the capacity of the community to develop resilience with the support of the policies put in place.


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[SOLVED] Building Social Capital through Community Resilience
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