[SOLVED] Bronfenbrenner’s Bioecological Theory

Bronfenbrenner has developed a model for studying the interactions among an individual’s social environments. The five basic structures of the model are the microsystem (family, peers, school, community, media), the mesosystem (interaction between two microsystems, e.g., parent conferences are an interaction between family and school; the community censoring the media is another example), the exosystem (parent’s jobs, school boards, city council); the macrosystem (a person’s subculture or culture); and the chronosystem (involving the way the passage of time affect children’s development. Instructions: Using a new sheet of paper (document) type in APA-style a short journal entry (12 point font, Times New Roman Style, Double Space, 1inch margins).   The goal is to reflect on your life from the viewpoint of Brofenbrenner’s Bioeocolgical Model. You can select a specific time period or more broadly, such as highschool etc.  A total of 1.5-pages minimum is required, although you may take 2-3 pages to sufficiently respond. You must include all of the following “systems” in your response to earn full credit. The aim of this assignment is to honestly reflect on your world and think critically about how the environment impacts us in various stages of our lives. Note: I will be the only one to read your journals. (40 points). Bronfenbrenner’s Bioecological Model Think of yourself at a particular time in your childhood (e.g., age 10). Using the model from Urie Bronfenbrenner, reflect in your journal about the following: microsystem Describe: your family. your school and teacher. your peer group. the media – favorite TV shows, books, movies. your surrounding community.   mesosystem Describe: how your parents interacted with your peers. how your parents interacted with your school. whether your parents helped with schoolwork. how your community supported your school or activities (e.g., sports).   exosystem Describe: your parents’ jobs. vacations you took. whether there was a divorce in your family.   macrosystem Describe: your ethnic heritage. your religious affiliations. whether you lived in an urban (city) or rural (country) setting. your social class (poor, working class, middle class, wealthy). what was going on in the world at the time (e.g., Vietnam war, who was president, etc.).   chronosystem Describe: how a historical event (such as terrorists attacks of September of 2001) or more gradual historical changes (the change in the number of women who work outside of the home).


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[SOLVED] Bronfenbrenner’s Bioecological Theory
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