[SOLVED] Audit and Control Security Technology

Audit and control security technology . In the world today, banks have migrated fully to the digital realm (Gallegos et al., 2004). They are carrying out almost all their business lives online. This has increased data security threats exponentially. However, with effective security technology, the banks are capable of withstanding the threats thus keeping its systems and data safe and secure. The document below analyzes audit and control security technology used in banks as well as the aspects attributed to the technology.Security and privacy controls of information systems is one of the primary strategies organizations and individuals implement to protect their operations, assets, etc. from various threats such as natural catastrophes, human errors, cyber-attacks and structural failures (FIPS, 2006)It is worth noting that most of the user-friendly technologies like cloud storage and mobile web are mostly hacker-friendly. Banks solutions are of great importance in the world today. In case of threats such as cyber-attacks, structural failures, and human errors the bank solutions can be adversely affected to a great extent. The threats vulnerability usually creates room for identity theft, reputational damage, propriety information loss and regulatory involvement. This calls for banks to deploy an ever more vigorous defense in its solutions. Irrespective of the attention put on data security, the breaches’ risk is likely to worsen. This is because banks in the world today maintain great amounts of personal data on employees and customers. The other reason is the existence of technology proliferation. The data thieves have become improved their inventiveness (Umar, 2004).&nbsp.The businesses, however, have not concentrated on keeping up on corporate policies, tools, training, procedures as well as compliance efforts. The audit and control technology, however, has been initiated by experts with the latest technology.


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[SOLVED] Audit and Control Security Technology
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