Assignment: Nurse Burnout Practice Intervention

Assignment: Nurse Burnout Practice Intervention ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL ESSAY PAPERS ON Assignment: Nurse Burnout Practice Intervention Please look at paper and make corrections. I have attached a copy of the document with suggested changes. please let me know if you have any additional questions so i could forward them to the professor. University of Phoenix NURS7302 Nurse Burnout Practice Intervention rebolledoj_nurse_burn Running head: NURSE BURNOUT PRACTICE INTERVENTION PROJECT Why Nurse Burnout is a Real Issue in Healthcare and What Organizations Can Do about It Jesus G Rebolledo The University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley NURS 7302 LET Dr. Lilia A. Fuentes 06/11/2019 1 NURSE BURNOUT PRACTICE INTERVENTION PROJECT 2 Abstract The purpose of this practice improvement project is to explore nurse burnout and propose a strategy that healthcare facilities should use to address it. After exploring the significance of the problem, this paper finds that nurse burnout is a highly prevalent issue in nursing practice that threatens the health of nurses, patient safety, quality of care, the performance of nurses, and the performance of the organization. The problem also raises the costs of care while creating other liabilities that could have a negative impact on the nurses and the healthcare facilities. The problem comes from overworking, emotional fatigue that arises from working with suffering patients, lack of personal time, and poor self-management strategies. From a theoretical perspective, this problem impairs the ability of nurses to act as caring persons. However, this problem could be resolved through reasoned action, mentorship, and behaviorism that can be achieved through peer or group education. While implementing the proposed peer education program, healthcare facilities should ensure that they follow vital steps including setting clear goals, raising awareness, involving nurses, evaluating the program, making necessary improvements, and transforming the program into a part of their organizational cultures. Nurses should be evaluated through surveys and the Maslach Burnout Inventory scale every six months. This would help in tracking the program and ensuring that it transforms nursing practice and health outcomes. However, the success of this program is only guaranteed if all the vital steps listed in the implementation plan are followed accordingly while nurses are involved at the highest level possible. Some of the results that should be expected from this program include improvement of health outcomes, increased performance, adherence to ethics and principles of nursing such as benevolence and empathy, enhanced patient safety, and improved health outcomes. Abstract is not written until after you have completed and implemented your PIP. The Abstract is a synopsis of your PIP. NURSE BURNOUT PRACTICE INTERVENTION PROJECT 3 Why nurse burnout is a real issue in healthcare and what organizations can do about it Introduction Nursing is a field that allows no margin for error. For nurses to provide services that guarantee high-quality and patient safety, it is essential that they are at their best physical, psychological, and physiological state. University of Phoenix NURS7302 Nurse Burnout Practice Intervention Unfortunately, nurses are susceptible to physical, mental, and emotional strain that arises from working for long hours and their inability to handle these pressures. This results in nurse burnout, which is defined as the physical, emotional, and psychological stress or strain that affects nurses, and which leads to dulled emotions, detachment, and low levels of motivation in one’s work (Van Bogaert, Peremans. Van Heusden, Verspuy, Kureckova, Van de Cruys & Franck, (please review APA rules for citations with more than 5 authors) 2017). This is a problem that affects both the nurses and the patients. In nursing practice, the relationship and interaction between the nurses and the patients are vital as it has a major influence on the quality and relevance of services that these nurses offer. In this regard, research has shown that nurse burnout negatively affects the satisfaction of both the nurses and the patient often leads to poor health outcomes and high chances of errors (Hall, Johnson, Watt, Tsipa & O’Connor, 2016). Thus, it is It is thus important that every healthcare facility strives to resolve any cases of nurse burnout as a way of raising its quality of services and improving the welfare of the patient. Nurses encounter many risks of burnout than most other professions. Watching the patients suffer, striving to ensure the recovery of all patients, having busy schedules, putting others ahead of oneself, and having to work for extended hours, among others, not only expose nurses to physical strain and stress, but they also expose them to high risks of emotional and mental stress (Ribeiro, Filho, Valenti, Ferreira, de Abreu … Ferreira, 2016). In the past, many healthcare organizations did not clearly understand the concept, diagnosis, effects, and measures to address the problem of nurse burnout. Despite increased research and NURSE BURNOUT PRACTICE INTERVENTION PROJECT 4 awareness of the problem, Van Bogaert et al. (2016) reports that many facilities still fail to mitigate the problem. In return, this negatively affects service delivery and the welfare of the patients and the nurses alike. However, ongoing research and increased attention in this field present healthcare providers with a solution and an opportunity to design projects or programs that can address this problem. The purpose of this practice intervention project is to explore (explore is what you’re doing to find a solution; your purpose should be what you intend to implement). the significance of nurse burnout and suggest a program that healthcare organizations can implement to address this problem. Significance of the Problem Patient safety and quality of care have always been guiding factors in nursing practice and other healthcare fields. Unfortunately, these values have been ignored in the past, and they have never been accorded the attention that they deserve. In 1999, a study report by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) that was corroborated by many other studies showed that the healthcare industry lacked the necessary measures to address the problem of patient safety. In its report, IOM attributed between 44,000 and 98,000 annual deaths to preventable medical errors (Makary & Daniel, 2016). Surprisingly, this number exceeded many of the leading causes of death at the time despite medical errors not being recognized as a major cause of death or an inhibitor of patient safety and quality care. University of Phoenix NURS7302 Nurse Burnout Practice Intervention As such, healthcare providers were tasked with formulating measures that could uphold these two values in their practice through the prevention of unnecessary medical errors. Nurse burnout is one of the key inhibitors of quality services and patient safety as it directly inhibits the attachment between nurses and the patients while also raising the chances of errors. As Ribeiro et al. (2016), the emotional health of nurses is important as it enhances communication among themselves and between themselves, physicians, and patients. In this case, detachment results in poor relations that may negatively affect the welfare of the NURSE BURNOUT PRACTICE INTERVENTION PROJECT 5 patients. This is more so the case in vital sections of healthcare, such as primary care that requires personal engagement and interaction between nurses and patients. Burnouts impair communication and collaboration among healthcare providers. In this regard, nursing practice is a field that demands critical concentration and collaboration among different parties. Any breakdown in communication can lead to errors that could be costly for a healthcare provider. Studies have shown that, besides the close to 98,000 patients who die due to preventable medical errors, between $73.5 and $ $98 billion are directly associated with these errors each year (Makary & Daniel, 2016). The relevance of nurse burnout in medical errors is too high as it is ranked as a key cause of these errors. For instance, a recent study reported that addressing nursing and physician burnouts could reduce medical errors by 50% (Panagiotis, Geraghty, Zhou, Hodkinson … Riley, 2019). Addressing burnout among nurses and other healthcare professionals should thus be prioritized in all healthcare settings as it could be a key solution to the reduction of healthcare costs and medical errors as well as improvement of patient safety, quality of care, healthcare outcomes, patient experience, and satisfaction of the nurses and other professionals. Burnout is one of the most prevalent problems among nurses and other healthcare professionals. As reported earlier, there are numerous risks that nurses encounter in their profession that exposes them to burnout. As such, many of them may experience this problem at any one time if healthcare professionals do not adequately monitor their practices and implement sufficient controls. A recent study showed extremely high Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI) scores of nurse burnout among 10.1% of the nurses in Sao Paulo and a high propensity among 55.4% of all the nurses (Ribeiro, Filho, Valenti, Ferreira … Ferreira, 2014). The same study also cited this problem as one of the reasons that most of the nurses in these regions are childless women past 35 years. While presenting their solutions to the problems, the authors insisted that the prevention of nurse burnout should be prioritized as it is more NURSE BURNOUT PRACTICE INTERVENTION PROJECT 6 effective than other forms of management. University of Phoenix NURS7302 Nurse Burnout Practice Intervention These assertions are consistent with a report by Hall et al. (2016) that termed nurse burnout as one that can easily turn into a permanent problem if inadequately unaddressed. With the emergence of reliable tools to test nurse burnout rates and potential solutions, healthcare organizations should work collaboratively with the nurses as one of the ways to address nurse burnout and create an improvement at both personal and organizational level. There are several studies that have broken down this topic into the distinct forms of burnout. In this case, emotional exhaustion has been found to vary between 28-31%, 28% to 31% depersonalization at 15-21%, 15% to 21% and low personal accomplishment at between 31-39% 31% to 39% (Monsalve-Reyes, San Luis-Costas, Gómez-Urquiza, Albendín-García, Aguayo & Cañadas-De la Fuente, 2018; Pradas-Hernández, Ariza, Gómez-Urquiza, Albendín-García, De la Fuente & Cañadas-De la Fuente, 2018). From these two studies, it is clear that nurse burnout has an effect on both patient experience and the ability of nurses. This is in the sense that a nurse will have poor performance while the patients will experience poor quality health that is also of low safety standards. As such, addressing nurse burnouts could serve as a key solution to both personal and professional problems in nursing practice, which could eventually improve the healthcare sector from all areas. This PIP will ______???? (write a one sentence explaining what your PIP is proposing to do to help this issue). Quality Measures Every program should have a set of measures that should help in evaluating its effectiveness. In this practice intervention project, the focus is on ways that could help in addressing nurse burnout. You need to be specific. What exactly are you proposing? A workshop for training? Developing a practice protocol? Creating an educational awareness project? What exactly? As has been identified in the section above, this is a problem of great significance in nursing practice, and that should be prioritized by all healthcare providers NURSE BURNOUT PRACTICE INTERVENTION PROJECT 7 aiming at improving the satisfaction of their staff, improving the quality of their services, enhancing patient safety, and improving the general outcomes of care. However, every program that an organization implements should be closely monitored along a set of goals and objectives to ensure that it yields the desired results. The performance and quality measures should provide a clear view of the improvements that have been achieved and its impact on various elements of patient care. The project will be guided by three critical quality measures of the MBI tool alongside other measures like the prevalence of preventable errors, patient satisfaction, absenteeism, productivity, and changes in the cost of care, among others. University of Phoenix NURS7302 Nurse Burnout Practice Intervention The three core MBI measures are emotional exhaustion, personal accomplishment, and depersonalization. As explained by Loera, Converso and Viotti (2014), emotional exhaustion is measured through a series of nine items from the MBI scale that test the emotional outcomes from one’s work. In this case, (your PIP? A protocol? Workshop? I’m a bit confused) the program’s outcomes will be measured in the changes in the scores of a nurse before and after its implementation (Is this your evaluation process? Again, I’m a bit confused). On the other hand, depersonalization will be measured through a series of items along the MBI scale that tests the impersonal response of a nurse towards the patients. In this case (you keep saying “in this case” try not to repeat. However, I’m still confused as to what you’re saying), the scores of the nurses are expected to decline if the program is successful. Regarding the third measure, the personal accomplishment of a nurse is important as it measures how competent nurses consider themselves. According to Heeb and Haberey-Knuessi (2014), this is particularly important as it also helps to understand the perception that nurses have on their job, which could then be used to improve their experience and satisfaction in their work. This measure will thus be usable for improvement in areas outside the burnout boundaries. NURSE BURNOUT PRACTICE INTERVENTION PROJECT 8 The next quality measure is the prevalence of preventable errors. The selected program should promise to reduce the prevalence of such errors as they are a threat to patient safety, quality of care, and the cost incurred by both the patients and the healthcare facilities. As reported earlier, up to $90 billion worth of unnecessary costs and up to 98,000 lives are lost each year in the US due to medical errors that could otherwise be prevented. Since healthcare professionals’ burnout has been shown to double the prevalence of these errors, the selected program should reduce the prevalence of these errors, including the cost of care and the mortality rates. Patient satisfaction should be an integral quality measure of a program selected to address nurse burnout. Besides preventable medical errors, nurse burnout can also impact patient experience, interaction and communication between the patient and the nurse, and the quality of care (Mudallal, Othman & Al Hassan, 2017). In return, these could affect the perception of the patient towards the nurses and their satisfaction with the services rendered to them. As such, the selected program should seek to improve patient experience and satisfaction. The selected program should also seek to reduce cases of absenteeism and productivity of the nurses. Since nurse burnout arises from physical, emotional, and mental fatigue and stress, it will likely reduce the productivity of nurses and encourage cases of absenteeism. According to Van Bogaer et al. (2018), burnout is a common problem among nurses who work for extended hours and those who have tight schedules. As such, absenteeism can also directly result in a decline in productivity. As such, programs meant to address this problem should be effective in optimizing performance and reducing absenteeism without compromising other measures as identified earlier in this section. I think there is some confusion as to what Quality Measures actually means. Quality measures is what is already in place that helps address this problem. University of Phoenix NURS7302 Nurse Burnout Practice Intervention You need to look at protocols and guidelines that pertain to the problem and how those measures address the process in which we as healthcare NURSE BURNOUT PRACTICE INTERVENTION PROJECT 9 professional practice. Your intervention should be based on those protocols/guidelines if they exist. If they don’t, then you need to look at what processes are in place to improve this problem. Based on that, you determine what your intervention will be. I hope this makes sense. Let me know if it doesn’t. Description of the Program There is a wide range of programs that can help in reducing nurse burnout in healthcare facilities. Some of these include stress/burnout reduction classes, the introduction of mentorship programs, creation of a space for relaxation, rewards, leadership engagement, and counseling, among others. Some of these strategies can work at the individual level while others can work at both group and organizational levels. For this practice intervention project, however, more emphasis will be directed towards the organizational level as this serves the needs of all the three levels. A suitable intervention program would be conducting stress/burnout reduction classes. This is a program that involves the frequent training and education of nurses as a way of equipping them with skills and knowledge to identify, avoid, and manage burnout. According to Fares, Al Tabosh, Saadeddin, El Mouhayyar and Aridi (2016), the process of resolving burnouts is more effective when it is carried out collaboratively between the individual and the institution. The two parties should work collaboratively towards identifying the problem and designing training schedules and curricula that align with the needs of the two parties and their working schedules as well. Developing a training/education program would be more suitable for nurses. This program can be carried out by professionals or through peer education. Research has shown frequent peer education programs to be more effective in identifying problems facing nurses, helping nurses identify their weaknesses, and helping them formulate more effective strategies that suit each and every one of them (Fares et al., 2016). Since every nurse will get NURSE BURNOUT PRACTICE INTERVENTION PROJECT 10 an opportunity to share their experience and hear what the rest have to share, it is possible to learn more relevant strategies that suit the situation at the institution. Besides, this approach provides a wide range of choices for a nurse, which then expands the chances of success. This is not to mention the low cost of implementation as the organization will only require moderators rather than a large number of external professionals. The program will offer a high level of flexibility and a chance to relieve emotional stress. Earlier in this paper, it emerged that emotional, mental, and psychological stressors among nurses contribute to one of the major forms of burnout. Burnout education programs are also more successful as it addresses the problem at the prevention state. Nurse burnout has been identified as a problem that is difficult to address when resolved at advanced stages due to the risk of becoming permanent (Hall et al., 2016). The proposed program (what program?) this is where you start talking about what exactly you’re proposing. Work on this. will not only be more effective, but it will also be more costeffective and time-saving as it will help in early detection and intervention of burnout among nurses. However, hospitals should select appropriate schedules so as to reduce interruption of normal services at their facilities as these could be a major problem to healthcare outcomes. This process should be carried routinely. For best practices, short but frequent sessions should be adopted as they will help the organization and the nurses to identify problems early enough. After the completion of a single training/education session, the organization should evaluate the effectiveness of the intervention using tools that can test the quality measures suggested above. Burnout education programs should cover both complex and simple processes. Simple processes such as self-care programs including taking a deep breath, proper time management, and exercise have been reported to be among key solutions to cases of burnout among nurses, physicians, and human services, among other professionals who deal … Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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